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Oct 20, 2006
The California Quake defeat the Ohio Lawmen 20-18 in the championship game.
The Ohio Lawmen are the first team to twice play in the World Series finals.
The first ever Hall of Fame inductions were announced at the 2006 World Series. 30 Retired and active players from all over the country were on hand to be inducted and share a moment in the spotlight once again. The Hall of Fame will have its’ own special area on and this years inaugural class will be featured in Softball Magazine. The inductees in this inaugural year were:

Patrick “Augie” Acierno    -    Cleveland F.O.P 8 Softball
Leo Allen    -    Cleveland F.O.P 8 Softball
Gordy Bush     -    Orange County (CA) Hitmen
Marty Camacho     -    Arizona Softball Whores
Richie “Father” Carter    -    NY Metro
Henry “Hank” Cluess    -    NY Metro/NY Lawmen
Walter “Red” Conry    -    NY Metro
Stephen “Woody” Crews    -    Dayton Metro
Bobby Deal     -    Jacksonville PSC
Glen Formica    -    NY Metro/NYPD Blues/NYPD Shields
Arthur “BJ” Gland    -    South Bay Heat
Rick Hall    -    Jacksonville PSC
Elwin Jobe     -    Sac. County Probation
Dennis Leonard    -    Jacksonville Police Softball Club
Stephen Margetts    -    San Diego Gray
Jan Marshall    -    Phoenix Whores
Mike McDowell    -    Metro Macomb Police Softball Club
Philip “Flip” McGovern    -    NY Metro
Dennis McKee    -    Wayne Oakland
Donnie Meyer    -    NY Metro
Gary Mulleneaux    -    Arizona Softball Whores
Danny Munoz    -    Sacramento Sheriff
Frank Navarre    -    Dayton Metro/Tournament Director Dayton NPC
Ron Quarn    -    Long Beach
Mike Reuvers    -    Minnesota Lawmen
James "Snake" Roepken    -    Dayton Metro
Delbert Salazar    -    Arizona Softball Whores
Skip Stephenson    -    San Diego Gray
David “Popeye” Stevens”    -    Jacksonville PSC
Roger Stanfill    -    Sac. Sheriff Razorbacks
Sam Sapienza    -    NY Metro/NY Lawmen
Dave Woolf    -    Dayton Metro
Andy Wurm     -    Wayne Oakland PSC
Terry Yackley    -    Wayne Oakland PSC

At the 2006 World Series, announced their first year end awards. This will be an annual award ceremony we will do every year at the World Series. We would like to congratulate these award winners as we believe them to epitomize police softball in 2006.

East Coast Sponsor of the Year: Joe Zada. When it comes to sponsoring teams, Joe Zada does it in spades. Mr. Zada sponsors many police teams including the Michigan Lawmen, the Miami Metro Red and the Jacksonville Police Softball Club. In addition to sponsoring police softball teams, Mr. Zada has also been the sponsor for many fallen officer tournaments over the years. Mr. Zada understands the hardships faced by police officers and he gives to them as a way to say thanks for doing what they do.

West Coast Sponsor of the Year: Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Assoc. The SCDSA pays for all the tourney entrance fees for the Sacramento Razorbacks as well as their sponsor package with Easton. SCDSA also underwrites the Star 6 Memorial Golf Tournament which supports fallen officers. The SCDSA also helps bring to you as they have purchased a yearly advertisement on the message board. Many associations do not support their member’s athletic endeavors but this is not the case with the SCDSA.

East Coast Coach of the Year: Robbie Freitas - Jacksonville PSC/3N2. Robbie has been with the Jacksonville team for 17 years and he has been their coach 8 Years. Robbie has guided them to the last two Dayton Police Tournament Championships and they are currently the #1 ranked team I the East. Robbie also runs the Jacksonville tournament and he is a main contributor to the team as a player having won several all tourney selections.

West Coast Coach of the Year: Steve Furlong - Hard-Cor/Exhilerator Fitness. At the end of 2005, CDC-Hard-Cor had not won a single tournament, their coach could not continue coaching, and they were on the verge of disbanding. Steve Furlong, in only his fourth year on the team, stepped up and said he would coach the team. So far in 2006 CDC Hard-Cor has been in the championship game of every tourney they entered. For taking a team on the brink of extinction and leading them to be one of the premier teams on the West Coast, Steve Furlong is our West Coast Coach of the year.

Sportsmen of the Year: Mike Young - Buckeye Lawmen. This is a very special award as this award winner makes all of us in the Law Enforcement profession look good. In 2006 Mike arranged for officers playing in the Dayton national Police Tournament to visit the Children’s Medical Center in Dayton Ohio. Mike contacted many officers to attend with him and he also convinced many businesses to donate gift cards and stuffed animals to these children with life threatening illnesses. The trip was a huge success and left many tough police officers with tears in their eyes. For thinking of others as he did, Mike Young is our Sportsman of the Year.

West Coast Player of the Year: Jeff Regino - California Quake. For the last few years the California Quake has been the leader of west coast softball. One of their leaders on the field for the Quake is Jeff Regino. Jeff is a defensive force at Shortstop and an Offensive Force at the plate. Jeff can carry a team with his play and to recognize his ability and contributions to the California Quake, Jeff Regino is our West Coast Player of the Year.

East Coast Player of the Year: Donny Meyer - New York Metro. For many years Donny Meyer, NY Metro and winning have been synonymous. This year is like many years in that Donny Meyer is the heart and soul of the Metro team and when he is on the field, there is a good chance Metro will be victorious. Donny Meyer is a legend and he has a will to win that is unsurpassed in softball today. For what he means to NY Metro and Police Softball, Donny Meyer is our East Coast player of the Year.

Friday night was the official opening ceremony and it was an unprecedented event as over 1000 people packed in tight around the replica Wrigley Field to witness the gala. Local media were on hand and a radio station was broadcasting live from the parking lot. The ceremony kicked off with a special tribute to the San Diego Gray team who were playing in their final tournament after 20 plus years of competing in law enforcement softball. What followed were the Hall of Fame inductions as we announced the inaugural class of HOF’ers. A special moment was shared when Julie Yarosh was escorted onto the field by former MLB superstar Don Baylor to throw out the first pitch. Julie’s husband, Jimmy Yarosh was the coach of the U.S. Secret Service softball team and he recently passed away unexpectedly. His jersey was hung on the backstop by a U.S.S.S. player in what was a moment that truly defined the spirit and brotherhood of law enforcement softball. The World Series was dedicated to Jimmy Yarosh and every player wore a black wrist band with his name on it. The Young Marine Color Guard marched on the field to present colors and buglers bellowed out echo taps to a silent crowd. After Julie threw out the first pitch the East All-Stars squared off against the West All-Stars in a game that featured the top players in the nation divided into two teams based on geography.

The East squad was managed by Brad Borowy of the Ohio Lawmen and coached by Dennis Leonard of Jacksonville PSC/3N2, Andy Wurm of Wayne Oakland PSC and Dan Spinelli of the NYPD Blues. The West squad was managed by Derwin Longmire of the California Quake and coached by Carl Gaskins of the Concord Police Softball team, Darin Ries of the San Diego Gray and Todd Waymire of the LAPD Blue.

The game was tight for the first four innings and it looked like the West team may be able to get some redemption from the 2005 blow out but in the end, the Beast from the East opened the game up and prevailed 37-22.

On Friday night at the World Series, 45 of some of the best home run hitters in the game converged on Wrigley Field to put on a hitting display. The perfect weather for the event was provided by mother nature and the brand new .44 cor balls were provided by Easton Sports. Early on it was easy to see the field was strong as 68% of the contestants moved on from round 1 to round 2.

When the dust settled in the West it was George Reyes of the Riverside Sheriff Red team who was the last man standing. George was hitting bombs and it was easy to see he was dialed in and ready to do battle with the East champion.

In the East the competition was just as tough as each man who came up was dialed in and swinging well. The majority of the east moved on to round two but it was predicted winner Brian Podraza who took one swing and walked away knowing his shot was headed out. It was anyone’s game but Podraza looked like the early favorite the crystal ball said he would be.

When the dust settled though, Herman Colbert of the Dirty Jersey Boyz was the last man standing in the East. Last year the last two standing were two very normal sized men but this year both George and Herman were sporting biceps that would impress anyone on muscle beach.

As the battle of the big men started many in the audience thought Herman would be the winner based on his jaw dropping bombs he was hitting in the early rounds. George was also hitting bombs but Herman seemed to win more goodies for his tape measure shots than anyone else on this night. We are certain many cars parked beyond the right field fence of Wrigley got to take home a souvenir courtesy of Herman.

In the final round George set the early pace by hitting 3 home runs in his 5 swings. Hitting 4 HRs to win it seemed like a tough task but many thought Herman would at least hit three and move the battle into a tie breaking round. Alas when the dust settled, the big man from the East only hit two home runs which left him one shy of the crown and left George Reyes as the 2006 HR Derby Champion.

George was very gracious in his victory making sure to give props to Herman in the victory photo. Both George and Herman won several goodies and George walked away with a new Catalyst bat courtesy of Softball Magazine.

The bat was presented to him by the SoCal Alliance’s John Birtcher who was the 2005 HR Derby Champion. John vows to be back better than ever next year after taking most of this season off to recover from knee surgery. John was impressed by both George and Herman but says next year he plans to be in the mix with them.

Both George and Herman receive automatic bids into next years HR Derby as well as John Birtcher. These automatic bids are in addition to the team spots that every team is granted. For 2007 is also granting a HR Derby spot to the winner of every HR Derby held at a legitimate police softball tournament. This will allow all the winners of derby’s throughout the year to have a chance to face off in the World Series Derby to see who will take home the crown.

The 2nd Annual PoliceSoftball.Com World Series of Police Softball grew from 32 teams to 44 teams and over a dozen teams had to be turned away due to time constraints and field availability. The top law enforcement teams from coast to coast and all points in between competed to see who would capture the title of World Champions.

Teams were grouped into round robin brackets where they played two games for the purposes of seeding for the double elimination playoffs. Teams that won their round robin brackets received a bye to start the playoffs. Although these were just seeding games, it was clear that all the teams were playing to win because the eyes of our entire softball community were watching. Games were played throughout the day and some notable results were the St. Louis Top Guns upsetting the New York Metro club and the Houston Stix inking a victory over the New Jersey G-Boys.

The playoffs began Saturday morning as teams who seeded poorly had to earn their way into the winner’s bracket. Seattle Officer’s Only, Southwest Syndicate, Sacramento Razorbacks, El Dorado Cartel, Maryland State Police, U.S.S.S. and New York Metro all prevailed while the Riverside Sheriff Heat, Orange County Hitmen, Buckeye (Ohio) Lawmen, Team Vegas, NYPD Shields, Dirty Jersey Boys and the CHP Choir Boys suffered defeats and had a long weekend ahead of them by going into the loser’s bracket early. Round 2 saw South Florida defeat the Central Valley Kings, the Ohio Lawmen down Folsom-Sac. J-Cats in 9 innings, Michigan Lawmen best Seattle Officer’s Only, Miami-Metro prevail over Concord Combo, Cal-Quake off the San Bernardino Sheriff Hitmen, Kentucky Bluegrass best the Southwest Syndicate, CDC Hard-Cor squeak out a 22-20 nail biter over Sacrament Razorbacks, the New Jersey G-Boys post an impressive 28-23 win over NYPD Blues, San Diego Gray defeat the LAPD Lawmen, SoCal Alliance win over the El Dorado Cartel, Minnesota Lawmen look strong with a solid win over Maryland State Police, Houston Stix take down Central Ohio in extra innings, Wayne-Oakland secure a tight 9-5 victory over the LAPD Blue, St. Louis Top Guns best U.S.S.S., New York Metro prevail over the San Diego Force and the Riverside Sheriff Red team post a win over the D.E.A. Combo.

Now with teams firmly planted in the loser’s bracket it really began to get interesting. NYPD Blues, San Bernardino Sheriff Hitmen, Concord Combo, LAPD Blue, D.E.A. Combo, Team Vegas and Central Ohio all stayed alive. All those same teams stayed hot in the following round except Vegas who were eliminated by the Southwest Syndicate. The Central Valley Kings joined the group in the loser’s bracket and managed to eliminate their Northern California rivals the Folsom-Sac. J-Cats.

Back to the winners bracket the following teams advanced: Ohio Lawmen, Michigan Lawmen, Cal-Quake, CDC Hard-Cor, SoCal Alliance, Minnesota Lawmen, Wayne Oakland and the New York Metro. The loser’s bracket saw more and more teams joining the party and even more teams being sent home. Round 3 of the loser’s bracket witnessed a big upset when the Riverside Sheriff Red team eliminated the NYPD Blues. St. Louis Top Guns eliminated the San Bernardino Hitmen, Houston ousted Concord, LAPD Blue handed the San Diego Gray their final loss ever, the New Jersey G-Boys sent the Central Valley Kings packing, the D.E.A. Combo eliminated the Kentucky Bluegrass squad, Miami-Metro beat the Southwest Syndicate and the South Florida Lawmen defeated the Central Ohio club in a shootout.

The next wave of games in the winners bracket were absolute battles as the Ohio Lawmen downed the Michigan Lawmen, Cal-Quake defeated CDC Hard-Cor, New York Metro overcome the pesky Wayne-Oakland crew and the SoCal Alliance ink a victory over the Minnesota Lawmen. The losers bracket was equally as competitive as the St. Louis Top Guns stayed alive by defeating Riverside Sheriff Red, LAPD Blue beating Houston, New Jersey G-Boys downing the D.E.A. Combo, Miami-Metro declaring themselves the kings of Florida by knocking off the South Florida squad. What followed was the Michigan Lawmen besting the St. Louis Top Guns, LAPD Blue eliminating CDC Hard-Cor, the New Jersey G-Boys defeating the Minnesota Lawmen and Miami-Metro continuing their winning ways over Wayne-Oakland.

Four teams remained unbeaten in the winner’s bracket but that would not last as the Cal-Quake sent the Ohio Lawmen into the losers bracket and the New York Metro plated 11 runs in the bottom of the 7th to overcome a 10 run deficit to beat the SoCal Alliance. The remaining two undefeated teams later met and the Quake bested the New York Metro 26-21. Meanwhile, there were some teams just getting warm in the losers bracket including the LAPD Blue who scored a win over the Michigan Lawmen and the Miami-Metro team who marked an impressive win over the red-hot New Jersey G-Boys. The LAPD Blue continued to roll with a solid win over the SoCal Alliance and Miami-Metro finally met their match in a loss to the defending champs, the Ohio Lawmen.

LAPD Blue could not keep their momentum and were eliminated by the team nobody wanted to see, the Ohio Lawmen. New York Metro would later give the Ohio Lawmen a strong fight, but they too would come up short against the defending champs.

It was now late on Sunday afternoon and a crowd gathered to watch the undefeated Cal-Quake match up against the defending champion Ohio Lawmen. The Quake had earlier sent the Ohio Lawmen into the loser’s bracket so Ohio would need to double dip the crew from California. Although Ohio Lawmen were still the champs that was about to change. It was a close battle, but when the dust settled the Cal-Quake stood victorious with a solid 20-18 win over the Ohio Lawmen. Here are the final results:

2.Ohio Lawmen
3.New York Metro
4.LAPD Blue
5t. Miami-Metro
5t. SoCal Alliance
7t. Michigan Lawmen
7t. New Jersey G-Boys
9t. St. Louis Top Guns
9t. CDC Hard-Cor
9t. Minnesota Lawmen
9t. Wayne-Oakland
13t. Riverside Sheriff Red
13t. Houston Stix
13t. D.E.A. Combo
13t. South Florida

Congratulations to the Policesoftball.Com WORLD CHAMPIONS the Cal-Quake! And congratulations to all the teams that laid it on the line against the best the nation has to offer. Regardless of the scoreboard we feel everyone went home a winner!

In addition to some great softball, and Softball Magazine teamed up and with the help of some very generous LEO players, we were able to send some much needed sporting goods equipment to our troops in Iraq!

MVP/All Tourney Team:

MVP - Cal. Quake: Chris Cooper.- long time west coast standout Chris Cooper was named the Quake's MVP. Chris displayed spectacular defense all weekend Long and he hit .706 with 4 homeruns. Chris is one of the grittiest players you will find on the west coast and he has been a winner everywhere he has played.

Cal. Quake: Will Manion.- Hit .735 with 9 home runs. Will has been a long time member of the Quake and he provides some great leadership as well as his play on the field.

Cal. Quake: Jeff Regino – Hit .765 with 4 homeruns and played solid defense. (Jeff was also named West Coast Player of the Year.)

Cal. Quake: Lowell Buck - Pitched a great tournament and had several key hits. Lowell has pitched some big games for the Quake and going 8-0 in the World Series will only help him solidify his reputation as a big game pitcher.

Cal. Quake: Guillermo “GG” Guerra - Hit .710 with 9 homeruns. GG has been a big hitter for the Quake and as his numbers showed, he had a great

The Ohio Lawmen have been the most consistent team in the World Series over the first two years finishing with a #1 and a #2. For their All Tourney selections the Ohio Lawmen name:

Ohio Lawmen: Rob Menke SS. Rob was their all-star selection and he continued to provide leadership for the team both on offense and defense. He made some fine backhand outs throughout the tournament and as always hustled on every play.Rob hit .675 from the leadoff spot.

Ohio Lawmen: Troy Keegan 3B. Troy doesn 't like losing and that showed this tournament. His defense at 3B was flawless. Troy does well at any corner you put him at and he wouldn 't feel right if he didn 't get dirty. He started off slow hitting, then caught fire ending at .642 with 6 homers.

Ohio Lawmen: Michael Jake Negray P. Not too many pitchers earn the right for all-tourney. Jake pitched every inning for every game. Not too shabby for a 40 something year old guy! Jake 's positive attitude and enthusiasm kept his team in the game. When the chips are down, the Lawmen can count on Jake to lift them up. Jake hit .655.

Ohio Lawmen: Ron Collins OF. Ron was picked up on the PS Free agent list earlier this season and paid some quick dividends for the team. Ron played solid defense and helped cover a lot of ground in our three man outfield. Although he had trouble keeping the ball in the park (5 hr run outs), he managed to hit .589. A few of his 8 homeruns were critical with many
runners on base.

Honorable mention goes to part time catcher/Outfielder Bobby McGhee. 20/26 .769 average with 5 bombs. Bobby pulled a quad in the New York Metro game. This was Bobby 's first tournament with The Ohio Lawmen and the Lawmen are confident he 'll be asked to return next year to help them win.


Minnesota Lawmen, Central Ohio Lawmen, Michigan Lawmen, St. Louis Top Guns
Buckeye Lawmen, Dirty Jersey Boys, New Jersey G-Boys, Ohio Lawmen
NY Metro, NYPD Blues, US Secret Service, Miami Metro Red, Wayne Oakland
NYPD Shields, Bluegrass Lawmen, South Florida Lawmen, MSP, SoCal Alliance/Easton
San Diego Excessive Force, Officers Only, Team Vegas/Miken, Concord Police Softball
OC Hitmen, San Diego Gray, Sacramento Razorbacks, RSO Red, RSO Black
CHP Choir Boys, Sac/Folsom J-Cats, Southwest Syndicate, El Dorado Cartel
Central Valley Kings, SBSD Hitmen, DEA Combo, CDC Hard-Cor/Xcelerate Fitness, LAPD Lawmen, LAPD Blue/Easton, California Quake, Houston Stix

2006 WORLD SERIES SMALL MARKET TOURNAMENT: wanted to give a chance for smaller and lesser known teams to make their mark in the World Series. Thus the Small Market Tournament was born. This tournament was held in conjunction with the World Series and the winner of the tournament would earn a berth into the 2007 World Series. This tournament had some very strong teams who would definitely match up well in the big show. In this tournament we saw Sacramento Probation, CHP Storm, Long Beach Nighthawks, Stanislaus County and the Inglewood Outlaws.

The Sac Probation team had the hot hand in this tournament and came away with the berth to the 2007 World Series.

Sac Probation played Long Beach in there first game of the day on Sunday. Sac came out the gate strong and made quick work of Long Beach with a 22-7 win. In there second game of the day Sac faced CHP Storm and stayed hot with a 21-13 win to earn a spot in the championship game.

Sac watched Inglewood battle thru the loser’s bracket and the table was set for the Sac vs. Inglewood championship game. Inglewood had to win two games to claim the championship and looked liked they were poised to do so by jumping out to and early 17-3 lead. Sac Probation battled back to make the game interesting but came up short and fell 28-24. Inglewood forced a game two and the championship game for the Small Market Championship was on the line. This game went back and forth with lead changes every inning. In the top of the seventh Sac Probation went ahead 17-16 and the stage was set for Inglewood to finish the game. Sac Probation tightened up defensively with some great outfield play and held Inglewood to just one run, forcing extra innings. Sac Probation began the extra inning play by putting up four runs to go ahead 21-17. Inglewood managed to put up three runs and had the bases loaded with two outs but the rally stopped when a hard grounder was fielded cleanly for the third out and Sac Probation won the game with a final score of 21-20.

No MVP was selected for Sac Probation as it was decided that this win was truly a team effort and every player was crucial to the win. Several players were selected to the All Tourney team starting with:

Brad Marietti who set the table all day with base hits.

Russell Nelson who made some great catches in left and broke one of the flags
at the Yankee replica field with one of his many home runs.

Jeff Chandler who was the man at the lead off spot and anything that touched his glove was routine.

Randall Beebe got it done all day with timely hits including a grand slam.

Jimmy Sanders had left center on lock down and was a monster at the plate, with one triple short of hitting for the cycle.

The 2006 All National Team was the first All National team ever named by This team was selected based on votes cast by readers. Congratulations to all the players who were selected. You had outstanding years/and or contributed greatly to your team’s success


C- Will Mannion – Calif. Quake
C- George Reyes – RSO Red
DH- Todd Patino – LAPD Blue
DH- Darrell Williams – SD Gray
1B- Mark Jackson – Hard-Cor
1B- Jon Brown – SD Excessive Force
2B- Chris Cooper – Calif. Quake
2B- Mike Farrell – SD Excessive Force
SS- Scott Spalding – SoCal Alliance
SS- Jeff Regino – Calif. Quake
5man- Jake Martinez – Hard-Cor
5man- Keith Benjamin – DEA Combo
3B- Russ Villalba - CV Kings
3B- Andy Williams – DEA Combo
OF- Alfonzo Trujillo – Norcal Cartel
OF- Ronnie Conner – Calif. Quake
OF- Mike Richard – CHP Choir Boys
OF- Jim MacFarland – Sac. Razorbacks
OF- Anthony Bertoluzzi-Hardcor
OF- Andrew McCormick - DEA Combo
P- Ryan Coe – SoCal Alliance
P- Gabe Rodriguez – LAPD Blue
All Purpose Player – Nate Baez – LAPD Blue
Pinch Hitter – Phil Smith – LAPD Blue


C- Gene Suker – Minnesota Lawmen
C- Dennis Leonard – JAX
DH- Joe Lisio NYPD Blues
DH- Chris Meleen – Miami Red
1B- Andy Wurm – W/O
1B- Lee Evans - G-Boys
2B- Richie Malek – NY Metro
2B- Doug Cullen - JAX
SS- Rob Menke – Ohio Lawmen
SS- Alan Westfall - JAX
5man- – Donnie Meyer – NY Metro
5man- Bobby Lambert – Minnesota Lawmen
3B- James Roucchio – NYPD Blues
3B- Alain Cruz – Metro Red (Miami)
OF- Jerry Harkins – NY Metro
OF- Brian Key – Ohio Lawmen
OF- Eric Christenson – Michigan Lawmen
OF- Scott Czopek – Michigan Lawmen
OF- Tim Conroy - NY Metro
OF- Robbie Frietas - JAX
P- Jeff “Biscuit” Graus – Michigan Lawmen
P- Gerry Schornack - Wayne Oakland
All Purpose Player – Flip McGovern – NY Metro
Pinch Hitter – Herman Colbert – Dirty Jersey Boyz



     1.    California Quake
     2.    SoCal Alliance/Easton
     3.    LAPD Blue/Easton
     4.    Hardcor/Xclerate Fitness
     5.    RSO Red
     6.    DEA Combo/Anderson Bat
     7.    San Diego Excessive Force
     8.    Central Valley Kings
     9.    Concord Combo
    10.    San Diego Gray
    11.    Sacramento SO Razorbacks
    12.    Houston Styx
    13.    SBSD Hitmen
    14.    El Dorado/NorCal Cartel/3056
    15.    Folsom-Sac J Cats
    16.    CHP Choir Boys
    17.    Team Vegas/Miken
    18.    LAPD Lawmen
    19.    South West Syndicate
    20.    OCSD Hitmen
    21.    Officers Only/Seattle
    22.    Sacramento Probation
    23.    Sacramento Police
    24.    Inglewood Outlaws
    25.    RSO Heat


     1.    Jacksonville Police Softball Club/3n2
     2.    Ohio Lawmen
     3.    NY Metro
    4.    NYPD Blues
     5.    Michigan Lawmen
     6.    New Jersey G-Boys
     7.    Miami Metro Red
     8.    Wayne/Oakland
     9.    South Florida South
    10.    Minnesota Lawmen
    11.    St. Louis Top Guns
    12.    Bluegrass Lawmen
    13.    Buckeye Lawmen
    14.    Central Ohio
    15.    Maryland State Police
    16.    NYPD Shields
    17.    NJ Dirty Boyz
    18.    Secret Service Secret Service
    19.    Delaware Association of Police (DAP)
    20.    Illinois State Police
    21.    Virginia Express
    22.    Cranston RI
    23.    Baltimore County
    24.    Tompkins Co. Choirboys
    25.    Chicago


Cal. Quake 8-0
LAPD Blue 8-3
Ohio Lawmen 7-2
Miami Metro Red 7-2
Michigan Lawmen 5-2
St. Louis Top Guns 5-2
SoCal Alliance` 5-2
NJ G-Boys 5-3
NY Metro 5-3
Wayne-Oakland 4-2
South Florida 4-2
Minnesota Lawmen 4-2
Houston Styx 4-2
NYPD Blues 4-2
Hard-Cor 4-2
DEA Combo 4-3
Bluegrass Lawmen 3-2
Concord 3-3
RSD Red 3-3
SBSD Hitmen 3-3
Central Ohio 3-3
San Diego Force 2-2
San Diego Gray 2-3
CV Kings 2-3
S/W Syndicate 2-4
LAPD Lawmen 1-3
Sac/Folsom 1-3
ElDo Cartel 1-4
Maryland MSP 1-4
Sac. Razor Backs 1-4
Officers Only 1-4
Team Vegas 1-4
Secret Service 1-4
Dirty Jersey Boys 0-4
CHP Choir Boys 0-4
Buckeye Lawmen 0-4
NYPD Shields 0-4
OCSD Hitmen 0-4

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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