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By: Tyson Becker
Sep 05, 2020
Despite a season that has been essentially cancelled due to COVID, we still honor those who have been inducted into our Hall of Fame.
2020 Police Softball Hall of Fame Class
Danny DWAY Wells is amongst the inductees
As everyone is aware, this has been year like no other. Tournament after tournament has been cancelled. There still is no word on whether the World Series will be going on. You won’t be seeing any awards this year. But, every year we have players eligible for the P.S. Hall of Fame.

There were many players nominated for the Hall of Fame. This year’s Hall of Fame class may have more World Series Champions, than any other.
Please welcome the following members into the 2020 Police Softball Hall of Fame Class:


Reuben Rijos / Suffolk County Lawmen – Reuben has been a career long member of the Suffolk County Lawmen. Reuben began his career as a lockdown infielder then after a shoulder injury he started pitching and he has been their main pitcher for the last 10 years. Reuben was a great hitter and specialized in hitting backside. Reuben was a fierce competitor on the field and an ambassador off the field.

Shawn McDonnell / New York Metro / NYPD Blues – Shawn began his career in 2007 with New York Metro and immediately made an impact in the middle of their line-up. In 2012 Shawn joined NYPD Blues and continued to perform at the highest of levels. Over his career Shawn has been part of many tournament championships and collected MVP and All-Tournament honors.

Rob Menke / Ohio Lawmen – Rob has had a long career playing with the Ohio Lawmen. Rob is considered one of the top defensive shortstops in Police Softball and one of the top leadoff hitters too. It is rare to see Rob make a defensive error or not come through with a clutch hit in a pressure situation. Rob was one of the main reasons to the success of the Ohio Lawmen.

John Erven / Dirty Jersey Boys / Shamrock Enforcers / Maximum Elite – John started his career in 1995 with the Dirty Jersey Boys which was a top level team on the east coast. The team changed names several times, and eventually had the most success as the Shamrock Enforcers. For many years they were considered a team that you didn’t want to play against. John has always been a top outfielder and hit for a high average. Ultimately, John took over the managerial duties along while continuing to play.

Matt Bolan / Jacksonville Police Softball Club / North Florida Showdown – Matt began playing in 2005 with the powerhouse JPSC. It was difficult to break into that starting line-up, but Matt found his place and immediately became a formidable hitter, hitting for a high average and also providing power when needed. When the JPSC folded, Matt formed the North Florida Showdown which has become a top level team on the circuit due to his leadership.

Shawn White / Chicago Metro PSC – Shawn started his career in the early 2000’s with Chicago Metro and excelled at shortstop / outfield and for the last few years he has been their main pitcher. Shawn has always hit with plenty of power but was sometime overshadowed by playing in the Gold Division. Shawn is a World Series Champion and a World Series MVP along with other All- Tournament honors.

Ryan Register / Down 2 Earth Lawmen / Team 3N2 Lawmen – Ryan started his career a little later than most, when he joined the D2E Lawmen. His impact on Police Softball was immediate, in his first tournament at the 2012 National Police Softball Championship, he was a dominant force at the plate and hit the tournament winning walk-off home run to beat the powerhouse Minnesota Lawmen. The D2E team then became Team 3N2 which won the 2015 PS.COM World Series. Ryan has been a line to line hitter with tremendous power, along with outstanding defense. Ryan has been named to numerous All-Tournament teams.


Jerry “JBOYD” Boyd / DEA Combo /LAPD Blue – Jerry patrolled CF for DEA for years. Since joining our circuit, he has easily been one of the top OFs in the country, and arguably one of the top players. He can bat lead off or cleanup. He explodes out of the box thinking at least two bases as he peppers the gaps and can hit a HR for you on command. He gives 100% on every out of every game on both sides of the ball. He's a great teammate and strives to make everyone around him better with his intensity and attitude.

Lyle Reyes / Nitro Hitmen/CH Hitmen, Dirty Berdoo, S.B.P.D Enforcers- Back in 1992, Lyle played with the S.B.P.D. Enforcers. He was a key infielder for the team as he split time playing both the first and third base positions. Lyle played/managed the team from 1997- 2002. In 2008, Lyle put together the Nitro Hitmen/CH Hitmen team. Nitro Hitman had much success and won many tournaments.
Lyle earned the Shevy Wright West Coast Sportsman of the Year award in 2013.

Danny “DWAY” Wells / So Cal Alliance / Nitro Hitmen / Empire / DEA Combo – Dway was an immediately an impact player. Offensively, his speed and hustle out of the box put constant pressure on the defense. Dway is known for his high energy and infectious spirit. Dway is always the first guy to praise or pick up his teammates and is always the verbal leader in the dugout and on the field. Dway has won five P.S.

Nate Baez / LAPD Blue / So Cal Alliance / DEA Combo - Nate was the first to bring the 5-man position to our circuit and it immediately changed the way our game was defended and played. Nate was a pioneer in defensive shifts, playing deep with two outs, and of course the popular infield skip throw across the Vegas turf. PS.Com created the Defensive Player of the Year Award for Nate to acknowledge his greatness on the field. JB once wrote on a PS.Com post, “Nate Baez, the player in which the defensive player of the year award was created for.” Nate has earned four P.S. Championships.

Keith Habig / Sin City Combo / Empire / SoCal Alliance / DEA Combo / LAPD Blue – Keith is on the Mount Rushmore of pitchers. As a player, he is one of the most dominant to ever play the game. He has done it all as a pitcher and can hit anywhere in the lineup. Not many can pitch to their defense, with an array of pitches like Keith does. As we all know, fielding middle as a pitcher only strengthens your defense, allowing it to cover more ground. Keith has consistently fielded the middle with the best of them throughout his career. Keith has won the WCPOTY, WS MVP, and the Del Pickney Award.

Mark “Jax” Jackson / HARDCOR/ Cen Cal Connection/ West Coast United/El Dorado Cartel - Mark was the manager of HARDCOR for many years. In 2009, he helped HARDCOR win the P.S. World Series. Mark truly loves to compete and his commitment to his team and teammates is second to none. Mark is a great friend to all his brothers in the Law Enforcement community and emulates what is best about the circuit.

Perry Moore / Team Texas - Perry Started his LE Softball career in 1996. Perry displayed great speed in the outfield and as a lead off hitter maintaining a high batting average. Perry has been recognized as a consummate team player. Perry is always motivating his team mates and displaying great sportsmanship to his fellow opposing teams.

Thanks go out to Dennis Leonard and Tyson Becker for their tireless work and managing the process. Thanks also goes out to all the committee members who took time to vote on the nominees.

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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