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By: Andy D.
Aug 26, 2018
On August 17th and 18th, 2018, Cali Force hosted the 9th Annual Brad Moody Memorial Tournament at the Big League Dreams in Manteca, California.
9th Annual Brad Moody Memorial Tournament
We had a total 12 teams battle it out during the Moody Tourney, with four teams in the "A" flight and eight teams in the "B" flight. The following teams attended; Cali Force, Stanislaus, Cen-Cal Connection, El Dorado Cartel, Degenerates, DVI Gladiators, Richmond PD, Oakland PD, Covert, Peacemakers, Empire and HD Law Dawgs. Thank you to all the teams that participated and attended!

The weather was approximately 98-100 degrees for both days but definitely hotter on the turf for sure. The balls were still flying even with the hot temperature. Special thanks to Dan Potter for providing the well broken in Easton Bats.

Round Robin games were mixed with "A" and "B" flight teams. After Round Robin the following "A" fight teams were seeded 1-4 in the following order; Empire, Cen-Cal, Cali-Force and HD Law Dawgs. After Round Robin the following "B" flight teams were seeded 1-8 in the following order; Stanislaus, Oakland PD, El Dorado Cartel, Degenerates, Richmond PD, Peacemakers, Gladiators and Covert.

In between the Round Robin and Playoff games, a Memorial celebrating the life of Brad Moody along with all the Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Probation Officers, Parole Officers, Fire Fighters, Military and all First Responders that have paid the ultimate sacrifice commenced. We also honored the Legend and Co-Founder of Police Softball, Mr. Del Pickney. Thanks Uli for speaking about Del. Most players playing in the tournament attended the ceremony. This ceremony took place on Tiger Stadium and included the some of the Moody Family members; Brad's mother Betty, James Moody (Brad's brother) and Tanner Moody (James' son). Susan (Brad's Wife), Emma and Madison (Brad's Daughters) and Jen Piro (Brad's sister) were unable to attend this year. Susan decided to attend the funeral for CHP Officer Kirk Griess (Family Friend). Officer Griess was also honored at the ceremony. Betty Moody threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Richmond Police Detective Palma.

Stanislaus' Honor Guard posted the colors during the ceremony while a bag piper performed. While very emotional, it was an incredible way to honor Brad Moody, Del Pickney, Kirk Griess and all the fallen First Responders who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Stanislaus had a Helicopter conduct a fly over Tiger Stadium during the ceremony. A big thanks to Scott Block from Stanislaus for organizing the Honor Guard, Bag Piper and Helicopter flyover during the ceremony! I know I got tears in my eyes and got a little choked up. A big thanks to Dan Potter and his umpire crew. Most of his umpires did a great job (Benji might disagree). Also big thanks to Ralph Contreras and Tyson Becker for helping me with the tourney. All these guys have made my job easy!

The Moody Family was very happy how we honored Brad and all the fallen Officers. Michelle Pickney received a check from some of the proceeds that were raised at the tourney.

Each and every year someone steps up and does something special for the Moody Family. Two years ago it was Tyson and Ralph selling t-shirts and giving the proceeds to the Moody Girls for school shopping. Last year, it was Big Frank Orr and his buddy Warner Herndon from Folsom PD, who built an American flag with the thin blue line out of wood. Frank then had players from the tourney sign the flag. This year, it was Ruben Ruiz from Cen-Cal Connection who donated a nice softball bat that was raffled off. None of these officers want any recognition but I thought it was only fair to thank them for the generosity. This is what the brotherhood is about and we need to keep it going. Way to step up, Ralph, Tyson, Frank, Warner and Ruben for your generosity.

In "A" flight 1st round playoffs, Empire beat the HD Law Dawgs 21-7 and Cen-Cal beat Cali Force 17-14 in extra innings. In the 2nd round, Cen-Cal beat Empire 15-10 and HD Law Dawgs beat Cali Force 19-16. On Sunday, HD Law Dawgs beat Empire 21-14.
In the end, Cen-Cal Connection beat HD Law Dawgs 22-9. Congrats to Cen-Cal and HD Law Dawgs on a great championship game!

Cen-Cal Connection's MVP is Steve Abina. All tourneys are Lucas Padrnos, Mark Jackson and Daniel Martins.

HD MVP Law Dawgs is Chris Escobar. All tourneys are Steve Rinaudo, Bradley Pon and Brandon Muser.

Congrats to the MVP's and the all tourneys.

    "A" Flight
    1.    Cen-Cal Connection
    2.    HD Law Dawgs
    3.    Empire
    4.    Cali Force

In "B" flight 1st round playoffs, Stanislaus beat Covert 16-13, Degenerates beat Richmond PD 16-1, Cartel beat the Peacemakers 14-10 and Oakland PD beat the Gladiators 13-12. In the 2nd round, Covert beat Richmond PD 22-17 and the Gladiators beat the Peacemakers 32-18. In the 3rd round, Stanislaus beat the Degenerates and the Cartel beat Oakland PD 20-18. In the 4th round, Oakland PD beat Covert 21-9 and the Degenerates beat the Gladiators 20-14. In the 5th round, the Degenerates beat Oakland PD14-8 and in the undefeated game, Stanislaus beat the Cartel 25-13. In the 6th round, the Degenerates beat the Cartel 34-12. That would set up the Championship game between the unbeaten high-powered Stanislaus team VS the Degenerates. In the end, Stanislaus would beat the Degenerates 18-12.

Congrats to Stanislaus and the Degenerates on a great championship game.

Stanislaus' MVP is AJ Nikkel. All tourneys are Johnny Lopez, Kevin McCarthy and Danny Fairchild.

Degenerates' MVP is Jerad Montour. All tourneys are Ralph Contreas, Kenny Gross, Jared Reding and John Savage. John Savage sent me the MVP and all tourneys but left himself off. I received a text from one of his players who asked if John was one of the all tourneys, in which I told him no. The player then stated that John deserves to be an all tourney.

Congrats to the MVP's and the all tourneys.

"B" Flight
    1.    Stanislaus
    2.    Degenerates
    3.    Cartel
    4.    Oakland PD
    T5    Covert
    T5    Gladiators
    T7    Richmond PD
    T7    Peacemakers

I would like to thank the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office for lending their resources to make the Moody Tourney special for the Moody Family and all the players and family members who attended. The Moody family really appreciated the way the players honored Brad.

A big thanks to Empire for making the trip up from Southern California even though you didn't have all of your players. You could have easily backed out of the tourney like the other 5 teams did. A big thanks to the up and coming HD Law Dawgs for traveling from deep in northern California and playing some great ball.

I have given up on the idea of getting a lot of teams from southern California. Even though northern California Teams travel to LA to play ball, southern California teams just won't travel. I am not talking about Empire, Alliance, DEA and/or Nitro. Each of those Southern California Teams have traveled and played in the Moody Tourney and I want to thank you all very much!

With that being said, I am looking into combining with a single agency tourney that takes place in August in Contra Costa County. We would have 3 divisions, Major, gold and single agency. I am confident that I can pull 24 teams going to this format. That tourney has between 12 and 16 teams each year. Also looking into having the Moody Ceremony, HR Derby and players' party at the field on Friday night after round robin and a few playoff games. I am also open and looking for suggestions on how to make this tourney more successful.

I feel the Moody Ceremony is very special to the Moody Family and all the players who attended. I got most of the ideas for the ceremony from the Sterling Heights tourney in Michigan. This is one of the best tourneys that I have had the pleasure to play in. They sure know how to honor Wouters/Sawyers and all the Police Officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks again to the teams who committed and played in the 9th Annual Brad Moody Memorial Tournament!

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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