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Oct 02, 2014
Battleborn's Ray Steiber Named West Conference Player of the Year
Ray showing his form in early 2014.
While our East Conference Player of the year is a long time veteran of the police game, Ray Steiber is a young gun who has quickly made a name for himself in the West Conference.
Ray previously played for the Vegas Heat and he was able to fly under the radar until he joined the juggernaut Battle Born team 2 years ago. With Ray and some other very exciting players, Battleborn has quickly risen to a team that no one likes to see. They are a team that plays with emotion and once they get rolling, they are difficult to stop.

Between the lines Ray is the field general for Battle Born and is a primary reason why they went from an upstart team to one of the elite teams in the nation in a few short months. Ray represents the new breed of middle infielders. Watching him bounce around behind the pitcher is reminiscent of watching Ray Lewis or Mike Singletary direct their defensive teammates from the middle linebacker position. Ray is such a good fielder that he was seriously considered for Defensive Player of the Year but his overall game took him to this award.

At the plate Ray is a precision hitter and best of all, he excels in clutch situations. With Ray manning the middle of the field, Battleborn will be well served for years to come.
Congratulations Ray on being PoliceSoftball.comís 2014 West Conference Player of the year. We cannot wait to watch you play next week in World Series X.

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