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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 09, 2015
Brian Aselton East Conference Kickoff Recap!
NY Hounds Silver Division Champions
3N2/D2E Lawmen storm through the Majors Division. NY Hounds strike Silver!
Once again we kicked off the East Coast with this long running Memorial Tournament in Kissimmee Florida and stealing a line from the Swami, “The softball Gods were looking for a day off.” We gave them Saturday off but they gave us back Sunday with beautiful playing weather and with the help of longtime friend and coach of the Hounds Jimmy Wolters we were able come up with a plan to get all the games in on Sunday so nobody would go home cheated.
Starting 7am early Sunday morning with the fast paced one pitch round robin we were able to seed both the upper Gold Division and lower Silver Division with 8 teams going into the double elimination tournament.

Both divisions battled all day Sunday well into the night making for a long grueling day of softball leaving many walking out of the park with the dreaded softball limp.
The Gold Division ended up with a much anticipated Florida trifecta with the 3N2 Lawmen staying in the winners bracket waiting for the Florida Enforcers to prevail over the North Florida Showdown pushing them into the finals where the 3N2 Lawmen were just too strong and fresh and able to take the Gold Division Championship.

Gold Division Tournament MVP, 3N2, Mike Ogliaruso
1st 3N2 , All Tourney Team, Chris Villano, Tim Grundmann, Jeff Bello, Brandon Worall
2nd Florida Enforcers, Mike Morales, Tris Moore, DJ Leonard
3rd North Florida Showdown, Cale Daves, Miguel Vasquez
4th Custom/Fed Guardians
5th Mid Atlantic, Oh-50
6th Louisville Metro, Lake County Sheriffs

In the Silver Division the Miami Metro Dawgs held the winners bracket while both the NY Hounds and Thin Blue Line battled in the losers bracket with the NY Hounds moving on to play the Dawgs in the finals late Sunday night. These two teams battled each other all day and were looking forward to playing each other in an exciting final. The NY Hounds forced the second and final game which went back and forth with the Hounds double dipping the Dawgs to win the Silver Division Championship.

Silver Division Tournament MVP, NY Hounds, Steven Smitt
1st NY Hounds, All Tourney Team, Ryan Theiss, Eric Theiss, John Casibalm, Eddie Driscoll
2nd Miami Dawgs, David SanJuan, Robbie Nelson, Farles Ramos
3rd Thin Blue Line, Brian Mass, Jeff Lormeen
4th Charlotte Lawmen
5th Stamford, Ct, Miami Metro Gunners
6th DMV Lawmen, Metro Dade Enforcers

Mid Atlantic’s Coach Terry, (The Legend) Duggan was kind enough to donate one of his Demarini Lawmen bats, which by the way was an extremely hot bat and got great review in the tourney. I had each coach give me a name of a player on their team that showed great sportsmanship. I had Terry pull the name out of a hat and the winner of the bat was, Customs/Feds Casey Albanese.

Special thanks to Johnny Scollo for working so hard to set up the Friday night party. He deserves all the credit and will always in my mind be the one that helped revive this long running tournament. Always above and beyond. Great party as usual, Johnny.
Special shout out to the four teams that came down for the first time, OH-50, Louisville Metro, DMV Lawmen, and the returning Metro Dade Enforcers. All class acts and was a total pleasure to meet you guys, hope you had a great time and would love to have you guys back anytime. Which goes for all the teams that came down this year. All were upbeat despite the weather conditions were able to make the best of the situation. Its always great to see everybody.

Sixteenth year down, seems like yesterday and I would like to thank all the teams that participated in this year’s Tournament. This Tournament has always been about keeping Brian Aselton’s name alive and telling his story. Its an honor and pleasure to be able to provide that. Through the help of these teams, I am able to continue to keep that legacy alive while also the motto, Never Forget Badge #251 rings loud and clear.
Good luck to all in your 2015 Seasons and Stay Safe..

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