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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 02, 2016
"Move over little dog, a big old dog is movin' in" NY HOUNDS
Brian Aselton Memorial Results
Once again we kicked off the East Side with this long running much anticipated Memorial Tournament. A huge strong field of teams and near perfect weather made for a great weekend of softball. This event for me has always been about keeping Brian Aselton name alive along with his spirit. Its an honor for me to provide that and I wish to thank each and every team that participated along with the countless others that make this event happen. Never Forget #251
The Round Robin went off smooth with the Northern teams able to play off some rust and the Southern teams refining their game as everybody fell into place for the Upper Majors Division and the Lower Gold Division.

The lower Gold Division battled all day Sat and Sunday and I canít say enough about the teams in the Lower division. These are the teams that come out for all the right reasons, having a blast, enjoying the comradery and battling all day. Lake County, Metro Dade and Dayton, Robby, Larry and Teddy, I hope you guys had a great time. Itís always great seeing you guys and you all have a special place with me for coming out and participating in this event. Dayton, you have great team and good bunch of guys. I'm hoping you come back next year.

Stamford Ct. finished 3rd, Mike you guys always represent well. Youíre my old reliable and I know you guys always have fun down here. Glad to see you went home with some hardware.

South Florida 2nd place, Theyíre back! They were a little short but will definitely contend in any tournament there involved in. Always good to see you guys.

Fed/Guardians, First Place Gold, Jack took me a while to reel you in where all your schedules finally came together so you could play the last two years. I think your here to stay now, you have a great little team with great attitudes. Talking with a few of your guys , I know they had a blast, maybe a little too much fun. Great job running the table in the Gold Division and taking home the prize.

And then there was Majors, and all I can say is Wow!

What an unbelievable line up of teams and all were capable of beating each other at any given moment. It was a pleasure to watch them play.

Louisville, Florida Enforcers, Charlotte County, Miami Dawgs and Thin Blue Line, Great to have all of you back. Each team has its own unique individual qualities and I love hanging out with all of you. I hope you guys all had fun and enjoyed yourself. Always class acts and great representatives of Police Softball.

Center Mass, always great to see a new team test the waters. They came in worried that they wouldn't compete and not only did they, but they turned heads. Keep an eye on them especially in the Florida area, hopefully they will venture out.

Miami Gunners and North Florida, you guys are always in the mix. Another main staple of this tournament and love having you guys. One of these days I could see either one of these teams running the table in this tournament. If the gunners would travel they would make an impact right away and North Florida will be in every tournament that they play in, there always formidable.

3N2, One of my long time favorites , a great bunch and have been coming to this tournament forever but placed a huge target on their back this year. Its gonna be tough being the top dog that everybody wants to beat to make a name for themselves. I'm sure you will be fine and you guys always represent well and keep everything in perspective. Its great to see all of you. Looking forward to seeing you out there in 2016.

Then there were Three.

Third Place Kentucky Blue, the old Ohio-50 team. This team is totally legit. They battled all weekend long and will contend in every tournament they play in while turning heads with their power. Was great having you back. Hope you enjoyed yourselves, Good luck in 2016

Second Place Mid Atlantic. This has to be the best team that I've seen Terry Duggan put together in a long time. This team will definitely be turning heads on the circuit. They were totally in control running through this tournament but unfortunately I think the lay off from being in the winners bracket might have hurt them taking away their momentum. It made for a great edge of your seat final. Great showing Terry, and thank you for your generous donation of your Lawmen Bat, the winning team of Stamford was excited to win it. Youíre a true ambassador of this game and I've always had the upmost respect for you. Always good to see you.

First Place Majors NY Hounds, wow , what can I say, coming back out of the losers bracket and double dipping Mid Atlantic is no joke. I think if anybody was still wondering about these guys, They are a Legit Beast in the East. There defense was by far the best all weekend and I cant say enough about player/coach Jimmy Wolters. I've known Jimmy for about 20 years now and he has the unique ability to combine having fun and being competitive keeping his team loose at all times. You can see how much they love playing for him. An old school mentality of having fun win or lose which carries over to the other teams that play against him. I consider you all good friends. Congrats to Jimmy and the boys well deserved and well represented. Cant wait to see how you do in 2016, but I think the secret is out.

Stay Safe

First Place Majors, NY Hounds First Place Gold Fed/Guardians
Tournament MVP Eric Theiss Tournament MVP, JustinRussel
All Tourney Team SeanKelly AllTourneyTeam,CaseyAlbanese
RyanTheiss GabrielColon
StanOneill ToddNichols
JohnAluska HarrisonBullard
Duke Settoducato

2nd Place, Mid Atlantic 2nd Place South Florida
All Tourney Wayne Spencer All Tourney Jeff Devlin
Corey Rosferson RandyNunes
John Phelps Jerry Lammy

3rd Place, Kentucky Blue 3rd Place Stamford PD
All Tourney MattMarksbury AllTourney MikeStampion

Oct 5-8, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
18th Annual Police Softball World Series
Keepers of the Peace National Police Softball Championship
Host: San Antonio Lawmen
Sept 8-9, 2023
Waxahachie, Texas
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