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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 29, 2020
Hounds Legacy Builds With Another Championship!
Brian Aselton Recap
Aselton Champs, NY HOUNDS
We were able to kick off the East Coast Season with this long running Memorial Tournament on the West Coast of Florida in sunny Tampa. The new venue seemed to be welcome with 16 strong teams making their way over.

Play started on Sat morning with cooler than normal temps but by no means cooled down play. Teams came out swinging and the pool play was heated. Leaving an extremely competitive upper and lower double elimination brackets. The surprise was a strong Mid Atlantic team in a competitive pool being on the bubble and ended up dropping into the lower bracket. While an up and coming competitive Miami Five-o team turning heads ending up in the upper bracket. After the wind died down we ended up with these two brackets.

Upper, Maximum Elite, Hounds, Kentucky, Miami Five-0, North Florida, Miami Dawgs, South Florida and Center Mass.
Lower, Mid Atlantic, Louisville, Ct Law, Metro Detroit, Necessary Force, MO-50, Lake County, Fla Enforcers.

On a beautiful Sunday morning play continued leaving the final three in the lower division with Necessary Force in Third with Mid Atlantic having to double dip a highly competitive Louisville team in the finals giving Mid Atlantic the Lower Division Championship.

The upper division was highly competitive with some heavy hitters exiting early leaving Kentucky Blue and a surprising Miami Five-0 team battling to meet the Hounds who were in the drivers seat watching the action. Miami beat a tough Kentucky team but ultimately ran out of gas when they faced the Hounds in the finals giving the Hounds the Upper Division Championship once again.

All Tournament Teams
Upper Division, NY Hounds, Daniel Lopez, Sean Kelly, Ryan Theiss, Eric Theiss, Tyler Theiss
Miami Five-0, Johnathan Martinez, Hector Monegro, Eros Modena
Kentucky Blue, Rob Andres, Adam Quilles

Lower Division, Mid Atlantic, Trevor Green, John Phelps, Michael Kellet, Craig Turner, Chris Lewellyn
Louisville, Devin Luckett, Chris Ward, Justin Witt
Necessary Force, Dave Castillano, Eddie Driscoll

Cant thank all the teams enough with their support on keeping this event going. If it wasn't for the overwhelming support to keep this tournament alive, I would have never moved it to a new city. To me its still about keeping Brian's name alive, but I have also come to the realization that after 20 plus years its even more about giving you guys a much needed outlet and escape. I feel fortunate and blessed that I'm able to provide that to each and every one of you attending. If I could steal a page from Trini by placing his video up here. I feel its a true reflection of what Police Softball represents and keeps it all in perspective. If you haven't watched it, take the time to watch it.
I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming 2020 season and Stay Safe out there...

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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