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Sep 13, 2015
The Ohio Lawmen Player Will Be a Major Factor at World Series XI.
Butch Castor Named East Conference Player of the Year
When Butch Castor came onto the police softball scene several years ago everyone knew he would be a game changer. As we watched his stock grow in our circuit, it was obvious he was a special talent. To drive home this point, Butch was named to's ALL-DECADE team at World Series X. To go along with his ALL-DECADE team title, Butch will now add a Player of the Year Award. Which one he values most is something he will have to tell us at World Series XI.
Butch is hitting .810 on the season and as usual, his defense, intensity and sportsmanship are always on display. We throw the phrase "Five Tool Player" around a lot in this game but if you want to see the epitome of this label, watch Butch play a few games at WS XI and pay special attention to his arm. You may only get to see it displayed once because once it is out there, he won't be needing to use it too often after that. Runners learn quickly in this game.

In addition to his police softball exploits, Butch is a high level civilian softball player and accomplished cross-fit athlete out of Indiana.

Butch joins an exclusive club and he is so good and so young, we would not be surprised to see him on our next ALL-DECADE TEAM come World Series XX. Time will tell. Congrats Butch!


2006 Donny Meyer - NY Metro
2007 James Ruocchio - NYPD Blues
2008 Doug Cullen - Jacksonville PSC
2009 Scott Czopek - Michigan Lawmen
2010 Butch Crozier - NYPD Blues
2011 Donovan Delaney Shamrock Enforcers
2012 Scott Waxweiler - Great Lakes Lawmen
2013 Jimmy Gnew - NYPD Blues
2014 Allan Westfall- 3N2/Down to Earth Lawmen


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