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Will The NYPD Blues Win Back to Back Titles?
Sep 15, 2011
This is how our champions celebrated. How will you celebrate when the time comes?
Jul 28, 2011
World Series VI Last At Bat - NYPD
The NYPD Blues celebrate the first ever walk off hit in a World Series championship game at World Series VI against the Ohio Lawmen - 2010
By: Del Pickney
Oct 22, 2010
World Series VI Last Out (Gold)
The Motor City Blues celebrate the last out of our first ever World Series Gold Championship.
By: Del Pickney
Oct 22, 2010
World Series VI [2010]
A Montage from the World Series VI.
By: Del Pickney
Oct 22, 2010
World Series V Last Out
The final out at World Series V shows HardCor celebrating their World Series victory against the Ohio Lawmen
By: Del Pickney
Nov 30, 2009
World Series V [2009]
HardCor defeats the Ohio Lawmen to win World Series V
Oct 15, 2009
World Series IV [2008]
The 2008 World Series was our first World Series that included a double dip win and it was the first series that crowned a back to back champion.
By: Del Pickney
Oct 15, 2008
2007 World Series Promotional Video
In 2007 created this promotional video to highlight the upcoming World Series III. In the video are images and photos from 2005 to 2007.
By: Del Pickney
Oct 19, 2007
World Series III [2007]
SoCal Alliance wins their first World Title by defeating the Buckeye Lawmen. Shevy Wright wins our hearts.
By: Skip Stephenson and Del Pickney
Oct 15, 2007
World Series II [2006]
World Series II was held in Palm Springs CA. The California Quake defeated the Ohio Lawmen in the championship game to claim the victory!
By: Del Pickney
Oct 19, 2006
World Series I - [2005]
World Series I was held in Palm Springs California and was won by THE OHIO LAWMEN!
By: Del Pickney
Oct 21, 2005
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