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By: Rafael Trinidad
Sep 23, 2021
Every year Garrett Metal Detectors sponsors the Outstanding Police Officer of the Community/OPOC award. It was created to honor those in our sport who go above and beyond expectations to contribute to their community.
Dan McIntyre selected for OPOC Award
Vaughan Garrett hand selects the winner of this coveted award from the nominations submitted to Garrett Metal Detectors will have a representative on the field during our World Series Opening Ceremony to present Dan with a plaque of appreciation and achievement.
When thinking about an outstanding police officer of his community, Dan McIntyre is the man that comes to mind. Dan is a full time police officer for the Woodridge Police Department and has been in law
enforcement for 18 years. He is married to Celeste and has 3 beautiful children, Aidean, Delaney and Claire.

The police softball community usually sees Dan playing police softball with his team, MidWest Heat or sees him over in his trailer, usually shirtless, selling sports gear for one of his companies called DynaMac.
But what most in our circuit do not know about Dan is how he supports his community with his efforts off the field.

Dan, who also owns an escape room, heard about a child who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided to help. Along with a volunteer group that Dan is involved with, Dan opened his escape room, free of charge, for the boy and his family to enjoy.

Dan has created fundraisers for fallen
officer’s families, a local college boy attempting to compete in the olympic trials, and multiple other fundraisers that benefited his community.

Although Dan participates in many events to help his community, the Special Olympics is where his focus is. Dan has been participating in the Special Olympics for 17 years. Dan gives back to the community by
volunteering with the Special Olympics in events like Coffee for Champions in which police officers meet at Dunkin Donuts and make new connections and friends within the community, all while raising money
for the athletes of the Special Olympics.

He also participates in the 5-0 at the Dirty O, where Dan races the Woodridge Race Squad car #102. At this event, officers go out and get old police cars and use their own money to rip the cars apart in order to rebuild them so they can race them around a dirt track to once again raise money for the athletes of Special Olympics. In the past 3 years the 5-0 at the Dirty 0 event has raised around $400,000.

Dan also fiercely tests his limits by joining in the Polar Plunge and Super Plunge for the Special Olympics. The Polar Plunge is a one time plunge into a pool of water outdoors, in Michigan, in January, and needless to say it is freezing. The Super Plunge goes a step further, requiring 1 plunge, every hour, for 24
consecutive hours in temperatures that reach into the negatives. One time they even had to use a backhoe in order to cut through ice that had built up over the pool that he was jumping into.

Most recently, Dan was elected as the Assistant Director of Illinois, for the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a unanimous decision made by his peers. The outcome of this election shows the trust he has gained from his community and the great leadership he has shown. It is clear that Daniel McIntyre represents what it
means to be an outstanding officer in his community and for that, we thank him.

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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