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Oct 19, 2017
David Zyski is our next 20 for 20 Victim!
We can debate who the best team and player is, but there is no debate as to who is the strongest man on our circuit is. That man is David Zyski and he is our next 20 for 20!
David Alan Zyski Jr

Stanislaus Combo


Well the simple one would be Dave. But when it comes to powerlifting and people who know me from there, they call
me Zeus

Your number and why you picked it?
17. Funny thing about it is that I chose that number randomly in HS while playing baseball. When I took it home my dad said that was his number in HS. Since that day, anytime I have to pick a number, itís 17.

Something about you your teammates do not know?
Well...letís see. I do look like the typical meat head who only talks about weights and protein shakes. But if we go back to the HS days, I was in the marching band. Played the trumpet for 3 years while doing that. In college, I studied Ancient Greek Mythology and minored in American Sign Language. Before becoming a Correctional Officer, I was an elementary school substitute teacher.

You are a world class powerlifter, tell us something about your history with your ďotherĒ sport.
Powerlifting is what I consider my ďoutletĒ. Itís what letís me get the stress from my job out of my system before going home. Iíve held and broken numerous CA state powerlifting records, ranked in the Top 10 in the nation in 3 weight classes, Top 20 in the world all-time in the 275 weight class and only lifter to total 2000lbs total in tree weight classes while dropping weight (308 to 275 to 242).

How does powerlifting help you in softball?
Iím not the HR hitter on the team, thatís what Scott Block is for. I bat number 5 in the lineup because Iím the line drive guy. My strength helps me shoot line drives to the holes or up the middle (Sorry Northern Lawman pitcher whoís right shin ate one of the line drives).

Can you lift teammate Kyle Briggs over your shoulders with one hand?
We havenít tried that yet. I do carry him to the dugout when he goes yard though. Maybe we can reenact the Dirty Dancing scene? Kyle, you in?

How did your team do at the World Series? Any plans on how to improve in the off season?
If you wanted to see what hot and cold looked like, you shouldíve watched us. Huge win against Ohio in the opener then couldnít put it together after. All games were close but just couldnít pull it out in the end. Ended up in Mid-Majors and got eliminated by a really good Arizona team.

What team gave you the most difficulties at the World Series and why?
Cen Cal, always Cen Cal. We could play in a tourney in China and weíd still end up playing them somehow. But they are our kryptonite. The games are always close and competitive to the end.

At the World Series, we have the Pat Hill Inspirational Award, what teammate inspires you and why?
Casey Hill. The man asked me to play on the team 3 years ago because he knew my potential. Even though heís ďretiredĒ from tourney ball, he still makes it out when weíre in a bind. A last minute injury forced our 3rd baseman out of the WS, Casey stepped in knowing he was on our roster and would be in town. But outside of softball, Casey is an amazing dad and an amazing officer. He runs the deputy academy in Stanislaus County and helps to prepare the officers for the daily grind. He loves what he does and it shows. His passion and dedication to this profession can not be topped by anyone.

We heard you got married at this Years World Series? First congrats, and secondly, is there any chance you will have to miss a future World Series due to anniversary trips?
Negative on missing trips. My wife purposely planned the wedding for the World Series weekend because she knew my team (my family) would all be there. And getting a dozen cops in one location at one time is nearly impossible as many of you may know. Next year weíre planning on having a larger wedding and September. She loves the team and the meaning behind the World Series, so sheís planning everything around the World Series.

What do you enjoy doing the most in Vegas? Favorite spot to hang out? Favorite place to eat?
Iím sure more than once youíve seen the whole team down at that Cadillac Grill downstairs at The Golden Nugget. Thatís our main place to sit back, have a dozen or two Coors Lights and relax. If not there, the boys are grabbing a margarita football on Fremont Street and people watching. And THE place to eat in Vegas, as you mentioned, is Hash House. Whether Iím in town for softball, powerlifting or just a fun weekend, I eat there two or three times.

What PS player does your game resemble the most?
WC Unitedís Big Frank. Weíre big boys who just try and hit the ball hard. If it goes, it goes. But line drives and finding the hole is what I prefer.

Besides your own, what PS coach would you like to play for and why?
Sal for the Nor Cal Warriors. I originally played league ball with him and Q from Warriors before ever stepping foot in the Police Softball scene. We played for SCC Blue when we first started. I like to call that my ďother team.Ē The guys on that team are family to me and Iíd be honored to step on the field with them any day.

What makes your team unique?
That nobody can out drink us and weíre dominate at corn hole. Any tourney, any location you can find us at the bar, in the parking lot or on the sidelines putting back a couple Coors and playing corn hole. With that being said, weíre a family. Literally, brothers. Constantly in contact with each other and always together outside of work.

Any superstitious rituals?
Pancakes in the morning before the game. Carb up!

Your best memory in police softball?
Idk if I can say what my best memory is because this is a child friendly page. But as far as playing ball, itís gotta be playing catcher for Stanislaus while Travis Hudson was pitching. Donít get me wrong, I love being behind the dish for Johnny Lopez, but Travis was a character. I donít think he could go 5 straight pitches without telling a joke. He kept the game fun and kept the morale high.

Game on the line, do you want to make the game winning play or the game winning hit?
Seeing how Iím a catcher, thereís not too many exciting things going on back there. Who doesnít want to be in the box, bottom 7 with a chance to win it. Thatís what we dream of as kids growing up playing ball (except itís probably bottom of the 9th)

Law Enforcement Question time, how long have you been in law enforcement?
April will mark 10 years as a Correction Officer, 5 years in the Training Divison.
What was the most intense situation you have been involved in in LE?
An one on one fight with an inmate off his psych meds. Radio malfunctioned so it was just him and I going toe to toe until I could restrain him. At our department we only carry OC, so no baton or taser to help subdue him. Letís just say he learned from his mistake.

What do you enjoy most about being a LEO and least?
The most is the brother/sisterhood. The Thin Blue Line family. Where we all understand the hardships and difficulties of our jobs. Weíre all there to lean on one another.
The least...being held over to work an 18 hour shift on my Friday.

What are you most proud of in your law enforcement career?
Being in the Training Divison. Helping shape the future officers who will hold the line with me. Building and help shaping relationships with the new officers and helping them build the confidence needed to do the job.

Leave us with any thought you want?
No matter what, no matter where, no mater who...
I got ALL of your 6.

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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