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By: Eddie Freas
Jul 30, 2015
33rd Lake Tahoe Classic
DEA Combo and Richmond PD Conquer Lake Tahoe
DEA Combo
Lake Tahoe is a majestic place where the beautiful lake is as blue as the skies above. Nestled in pine trees sets a city with many bikinis, casinos, and celebrities. Twenty-One teams made the trip up the hill to battle it out for the 33rd Lake Tahoe Classic presented by the El Dorado Cartel. With the 3 Peat champions broken up (Showtime), this year we will crown a new champion.

Teams were placed in to brackets to determine A flight and B flight rankings. In
the end here is how the brackets shook out:

A Flight
DEA, Battle Born, West Coast United, Stanislaus, Sin City Aces, Lethal Force and
El Dorado Cartel

B Flight
Sac Razorbacks, Nor Cal Degenerates, Torrance PD, San Francisco Seals, Richmond
PD, San Francisco Blues, Oakland PD, Nevada Lawmen, Butte County Lawmen, Nor Cal
Elite, Antioch PD, DVI, Sacramento Probation

Teams drew numbered poker chips to determine their seed for tournament play.

The kegs were tapped and the Margarita Machine was flowing for Tahoe’s Friday
night-lights. Pete Salvaggio and his crew cooked up an array of delicious foods
that never disappoints. There might have even been an apple pie sighting or two!
Twenty-Three participants entered in the Home Run Derby this year. In the end
Chad Howard, Mark Jackson, Tyson Becker, and Tommy Hayes all posted strong
numbers. But King George Reyes posted one better to win another Lake Tahoe Home
Run Derby. Reyes took home a brand new Miken bat for his efforts.

B Flight Tournament Play

Degenerates, Richmond, Nor Cal Elite, SF Blues, Torrance PD, Most Wanted, Nevada
Lawmen, and Sac Probation all won their first game of the Gold Bracket to remain
in gold. Degenerates and Richmond ruled the brackets early as they sent all
teams in to the losers bracket and forced to fight to get back in. Degenerates
lost a heartbreaking one run game to Richmond sending them in to the losers
bracket. Richmond waited for all remaining teams to fight it out for the right
to challenge them again. Torrance PD, Most Wanted, Elite and Nevada proved to
be the toughest teams. Elite came out of the losers bracket after a long day of
battling. Richmond proved to be too much though as they defeated a solid Nor
Cal Elite squad to go back to back in Tahoe Classic B Flight Champions.

Antioch PD, SF Seals, DVI, Razorbacks, Oakland PD and Butte Co all lost their
opening round game to send them into a six team silver division playoff. Win or
go home attitude with a single elimination format. All the games were close in
this bracket but Sacramento Razorbacks claimed the silver crown with a win over
SF Seals.

1. Richmond PD
2. Nor Cal Elite
3. Nor Cal Degenerates
4. Most Wanted
T5. Nevada Lawmen
T5. Torrance PD
T7. San Francisco Blues
T7. Sacramento Probation
9. Sacramento Razorbacks
10. San Francisco Seals
T12. Antioch PD
T12. Butte Co Lawmen
T14. DVI Gladiators
T14. Oakland PD

A Flight Tournament Play

DEA and West Coast United pounded through the brackets and sent everyone else
onto the losers bracket. DEA exude its authority and sent WC United down to
fight it out also. In the Losers Bracket Stanislaus sent the Cartel home.
Lethal Force and Sin City Aces both were sent home early also. Battle Born beat
up on Stanislaus, which set up a matchup of A Flight Teams on the rise. West
Coast United came out with the victory over Battle Born, which vaulted them into
a rematch with DEA for the ship. DEA quickly proved to be too much as they
steamrolled to the Championship. DEA’s opponents never saw past the fifth
inning all tournament. DEA concluded an impressive tournament by run ruling
every opponent they faced. It was one of the most dominant performances I have
ever seen on the field of play.

1. DEA
2. West Coast United
3. Battle Born
4. Stanislaus
T5. El Dorado Cartel
T5. Lethal Force
7. Sin City Aces

All Tourney – Joe Johnson, Robert Mason, David Braun
MVP – Kevin Mort

West Coast United
All Tourney – Justin Charles, Keith Benjamin, Mark Jackson

Richmond PD
All Tourney – Russ V, Mike Richuito,
MVP – Mark Shanks

Nor Cal Elite
All Tourney – Eric Moltzen, Wayne Repard

Sacramento Razorbacks
All Tourney- Frank Archuleta, Patrick Vlasak
MVP - Pablito Gaddis

Thanks to all of the teams that came up the hill to support the 33rd annual Lake
Tahoe Classic. Thanks to Miken and Denny Crine for supplying the bats. They were
again hot all tournament. We heard many compliments to the quality of Miken
Bats. The Baden balls really flew off them and into the pine trees. Already
looking forward to Next years 34th Annual Lake Tahoe Classic. See everyone in

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