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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 09, 2021
MAX ELITE RUNS the Table at the Brian Aselton Memorial in Tampa, FLA.
Don't Call It A Comeback, They've Been Here For Years
Reports of Their Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
The 2021 season opened up in sunny Tampa Florida on the East Coast. Everyone was anxious to put 2020 behind us and get back out on the field and play ball. It kicked off with the Friday players party at Whisky Joes on the water with a tropical feel welcoming everyone from the North out of the cold and onto the beach.
Saturday play started with 4 evenly matched pools based on the ranking making for some great matchups early on.  Several teams turned some heads with their play, playing into the upper division while leaving some really good teams dropping into the lower.  A much-improved Conn Goatz team with a mix of CT Law and some new faces, along with Center Mass both played into the upper division. Where Miami 5-0 and Louisville dropped into the Gold having tied in their game together being timed out.

After a short break putting together the two brackets, we continued on Saturday with the double elimination in the Florida heat making for a long day of playing.  No real surprises other than Metro Detroit who was 0-3 in the bracket starting their run in the Gold Division and the Miami Dawgs knocking and evenly matched Kentucky into the loser's bracket in the Major Division.

Early Sunday began with beautiful but hot weather and Center Mass knocking out Conn, starting their run through the loser's bracket of the Majors.  A much-anticipated matchup between Maximum Elite and the Hounds took place early Sunday with Max Elite knocking the Hounds into the dreaded loser's bracket early on Sunday.  Max Elite was able to stay in the driver's seat all day Sunday with a great game against a strong North Florida team that had a great mix of young and "older" players.  Center Mass knocked out the Miami Dawgs and the Hounds knocked out an always tough Mid Atlantic who was starting a run through the loser's bracket. This left a spirited matchup between the Hounds and Center Mass which was probably the biggest upset of the day. Center Mass sending a strong NY Hounds team home early which certainly put a smile on a few teams knowing they wouldn't have to face them.

In the Gold a Miami 5-0 team who wanted to play up but unfortunately ended up in the Gold, stayed in the driver's seat all day with some fast strong play. South Florida and Necessary Force battled in the loser's bracket where a tough Necessary Force team knocked out a strong South Florida team and Detroit PSC knocked out the Maryland Outlaws. Detroit PSC started a small run knocking out Necessary Force leaving another battle for Detroit for third between Metro and PSC.  Metro Detroit prevailed again over Detroit PSC giving them Third Place. Setting up a rested Miami 5-0 in the finals against Metro Detroit.  Miami was able to prevail over Metro Detroit finishing First and Metro Detroit after 8 games in the Florida Heat finished Second in the Gold.

In the Majors North Florida met up with Center Mass where ageless Donny Myers on the hump led North Florida to the win giving Center Mass Third Place leaving the finals between North Florida against Maximum Elite.  Max Elite who was impressive all day ended up prevailing over North Florida taking the Majors Division giving North Florida Second Place and Maximum Elite the Majors Championship.

Majors Division
1. Maximum Elite
2. North Florida
3. Center Mass 
4. Ny Hounds
5. Mid Atlantic, Miami Dawgs 
6. Kentucky Blue, Conn. Goatz

Gold Division
1. Miami 5-0
2. Metro Detroit
3. Detroit PSC  
4. Necessary Force  
5. Maryland Outlaws, South Florida  
6. Louisville,  Metro Dade  

All-Tournament Team - Majors

Max Elite
Tony Wargo
Keith Edgar
Mike Delvecchio
Andy Lopez
Craig Sears

North Florida
Randy Walker  
Brandon Warrall  
Johnny Mathews  

Center Mass 
Tino Rentas  
Justin Tate  

All-Tournament Team - Gold

Miami 5-0
Jarred Arnoid
Anthony Garcia
Eddie Portaim
Eric Rodriguez
Felo Ortero

Metro Detroit
Mark Guigar 
Don Painter  
Tyer Goodnight

Detroit PSC
Terrell Williams  
Brian Gibbings

It was great to see everyone out there.  Great weekend all around with some great weather.  Can't thank everyone enough for your support...The list is long. 

Larry and Metro Dade, thank you for coming year every year and rounding out the brackets.  you come for the true meaning of this tournament and always show up no matter what.   Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Connecticut , Necessary Force and the Miami Dawgs, always love having you guys. Always a class act and a lot of fun.  Eric and Witt, two really good teams from the Kentucky/Ohio area that exited early but I'm sure you will do some damage along the circuit.  Always fun to have you guys. I think someone added moonshine to the jungle juice.  Maryland, great to have you guys back...lost a little more jungle juice than usual, but that's ok. Great showing Norm with Necessary Force, retirement is doing you well.  Connecticut you definitely turned some heads, stay together and do some traveling and you can make an impact.  Justin tough break with the ankle in the first game, but on the bright side you were voted ugliest feet for the weekend.  Miami Dawgs , one of my main stays, always bring a highly competitive team in the Major division. Never sleep on them in the upper, they can beat anyone.

Mid Atlantic, Metro Detroit, Detroit PSC, Center Mass, South Florida, and North Florida. Terry and Ralf, Mid Atlantic, you always put a quality team on the field.  We go way back and thank you for the support, all the way back to getting your mailing list in the early 2000's when we were mailing out flyers for the tournament. That list was like gold.  Great showing from the Detroit teams. Coming out of the cold and into the Florida heat was impressive. Unfortunately, you had to go back to the reality of a Michigan winter. Great run by both teams.  Center Mass some huge wins this weekend in the major.  Some say the biggest since Team USA hockey, great showing.  South Florida, always extremely supportive in keeping this tournament going, Brandon and Ryan and everyone else involved in getting me the balls along with bringing the extra ones.  Can't thank you enough, 20 dozen disappeared quickly and having the extras was a tournament saver.  North Florida, one of the best, year in and year out.  Great mix and great guys, always a pleasure to watch.  Donny you're not helping your cause to swing a senior bat by hitting seeds off the fence.   Great showing as always Matty.

Jimmy and the Hounds, you know I can't put this together without you and the help of Duke and your team.  You're definitely the man behind the curtain pulling the strings. Players party was a huge hit.  I know you exited early, but your team is a beast and there is a lot of softball ahead.  Always a lot of laughs and a great time.

Finally, Congratulations to both champions.  Gold,  Miami 5-0, Anthony, I know you wanted to play up, unfortunately forced down but ran the table in the Gold turning heads with your speed and play.  Love an up-and-coming team.  It will be interesting watching you guys this year.

Majors, Maximum Elite, Neil and Johnny , many had doubts coming in not knowing what to expect.  No doubts anymore.  Still the same top-quality team as always. Great job and always love having you guys. 

Special shout out to Dan Potter making the trip out to Tampa along with Joe Monahan and Shane. It was a pleasure and privilege to have you guys come to Tampa.

Good luck in your 2021 Season
Stay Safe
Johnny Sanzo

Oct 5-8, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
18th Annual Police Softball World Series
Keepers of the Peace National Police Softball Championship
Host: San Antonio Lawmen
Sept 8-9, 2023
Waxahachie, Texas
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