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Sep 23, 2014
GCWH Named West Conference Sponsor of the Year
This year’s West Conference Sponsor of the Year goes to Chris Gaspard, Kasey Castillo, Nicole Winter and Brandi Harper of GCWH Law who sponsors Nitro2Go. GCWH is arelatively new law firm representing LEO's and associations acrossCalifornia. Chris Gaspard is a former Riverside PD officer. Kasey andNicole are former San Bernardino County DA's.
Most sponsors will give money and that is about all the contact they have
with team for the year. That is not the case with GCWH. Chris and his Wife Joelle have showed up to every tournament for Nitro played in, usually taking time out of their busy schedules to spend most of the day with the team. At the WCC they braved the heat as well as bad throws to take hundreds of photos of the Nitro team. Chris has also featured Nitro on the firms website as well as on the firms Facebook page. They genuinely take an interest in the team and have also shown up to fundraising events.

GCWH is a top notch law firm well on their way to becoming one of the top
Law Enforcement Law Firms in the state. We would like to thank them for their interest and support of Police Softball.

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