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Sep 20, 2013
Hector has earned the award named after NY Metro Coach Walt "Red" Conry
Hector Jaramillo Named WC Walt Conry Manager of the Year
LAPD has a long tradition of excellence in the police world but it has also experienced a few bumps in the road over the years. Each time LAPD struggles, they come together and rise again. This pattern is very much similar to the LAPD Lawmen. The LAPD Lawmen has a long history of success and many great players have at one time or another played for the Lawmen team.
A few short years ago, the Lawmen were in disarray and looking for that leader to inspire them and show them how to rise again. The Lawmen didnt have to wait to long because Hector Jaramillo stepped in and took control. Under his command the Lawmen became confident and regained their pride as they represent LAPD.

Hector has worked hard at making contacts and getting a committed team of players who not only play for the name on the front of their jersey, but play for each other. This is a tight knit team and their closeness feeds into their success.

None of this would not have been possible without Hector. Wile he has gotten the Lawmen to the next level, he isn't done yet. The Lawmen have been very active this year and as they approach the World Series, they are one of the teams on the rise. It is said you never want to play the team with the hot hand and it looks like the Lawmen are entering the series with the momentum to do some serious damage.

Only time will tell where the ceiling is for this team, but we believe if Hector keeps driving the Lawmen, their road will be smooth.

Congratulations Hector and thank you for all of the hard work you do for our sport.


2006 Steve Furlong - Hard-Cor
2007 Carl “Hollywood” Gaskins - Concord Combo
2008 Ralph Knecht - Sacramento Police Softball
2009 Steve Merchant - Choir Boys
2010 Noel Roberts - Sin City Combo
2011 Brandon St. Aubin – SoCal Lockdown
2012 Ben Zaredini - SoCal Warpigs

(Special thanks to the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff's Association for sponsoring this award)

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