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By: Andy D.
Aug 27, 2014
In Memory of Officer Brad Moody
This is what it is all about!
On August 22nd and 23rd, 2014 the Cali Force Softball Team hosted their 5th annual Brad Moody Memorial Tournament at the Big League Dreams in Manteca, California. We had 15 teams battle it out. Seven teams in “A” flight and eight teams in “B” flight. The following teams attended; Cali Force, Alliance, Hardcor, West Coast United, Stanislaus, 51 Fifty Shockers, Nor-Cal Elite, Cen-Cal Connection, Cen-Cal Combo, Central Coast Hero’s, Richmond PD, San Pablo PD, El Dorado, Oakland CHP and Oakland Deuces. Thank you to all the teams that attended.

The weather was +/- 90 degrees for both days. The balls were flying (Baden 44 core and 400 compression). The Easton Bats were provided by Armando Acosta. These bats are 6+ years old and well broken in.

After round robin the following “A” fight teams were seeded 1-7 in this order; Hardcor, Stanislaus, 51 Fifty Shockers, West Coast United, Cali Force, Alliance and Nor-Cal Elite.

After round robin the following “B” flight teams were seeded 1-8 in this order; Cen-Cal Connection, Cen-Cal Combo, Oakland CHP, San Pablo PD, Richmond PD, Central Coast Hero’s, El Dorado Cartel and Oakland Deuces.

In between round robin and playoff games, a memorial celebrating the Life of Brad Moody was attended by most players playing in the tournament. This ceremony took place on Tiger Stadium. The Moody Family; Brad’s Wife Susan, Brad’s mother Betty, Brad’s brother James (Richmond Police Officer), Michelle Moody (James’s Wife) and Brad’s daughters Emma and Madison. Emma and Madison each threw out the ceremonial first pitch. A Helicopter did a fly over Tiger Stadium during the ceremony. A big thanks to the Under Sheriff (Mick Hardenbrook) of Stanislaus S.O. for making this happen. I know I got a tear in my eye and I was told by other players that the same happen to them. The Moody Family was surprised and very happy how we honored Brad.

In “A” flight playoffs Hardcor drew a 1st round bye. West Coast United beat Cali Force 22-17. Alliance beat 51 Fifty 25-10. Stanislaus beat Nor-Cal Elite 20-4. In the 2nd round of playoffs Hardcor beat West Coast United 26-10 and Alliance beat Stanislaus 32-17. In the undefeated game, Alliance beat Hardcor 29-19. In the losers bracket, Nor-Cal Elite beat 51 Fifty 26-10. West Coast United had to forfeit their game due to injuries and work. Cali Force beat Stanislaus 23-11. Cali Force then beat Nor-Cal Elite 23-11. Cali Force would meet Hardcor and the winner would have to double dip Alliance. Hardcor beat Cali Force 29-21. That would set up the 1st championship game between Hardcor and alliance. Alliance beat Hardcor 26-23.

Alliance’s MVP is David Braun. All tourneys are Tommy Hayes, Chad Bankston and Nate White.

Hardcor’s MVP is Chris Enriquez. All tourneys are Stephen Bautista, Jimmy Sanders and Frank Orr.

“A” Flight
1. Alliance
2. Hardcor
3. Cali Force
4. Nor-Cal Elite
T5. Stanislaus
T5. West Coast United
6. 51 Fifty Shockers

In “B” flight playoffs, Cen-Cal Connection beat the Oakland Deuces. San Pablo PD beat Richmond PD. Central Coast Hero’s beat Oakland CHP. Cen-Cal Combo beat El Dorado. In the 2nd round, Cen-Cal Connection beat San Pablo PD and Cen-Cal Combo beat Central Coast Hero’s. That would set up Cen-Cal Connection against Cen-Cal Combo. Cen-Cal Combo beat Cen-Cal Connection. Cen-Cal Connection would fight their back into the championship game and have to double dip Cen-Cal Combo. In the end, Cen-Cal Connection double dipped Cen-Cal Combo and won the “B” flight.

Cen-Cal Connection’s MVP is Isuario “Chowey” Alvarado. All tourneys are Peter Acosta, Ricardo Cisneros and David Corrales.

Cen-Cal Combo’s MVP is Randy Lopez. All tourneys are Matt Mejia, Mike Wade and George Molina.

“B” Flight
1. Cen-Cal Connection
2. Cen Cal Combo
3. Richmond PD
4. San Pablo PD
T5. Oakland CHP
T5. Central Coast Hero’s
T6. El Dorado
T6. Oakland Deuces

Congrats to the Alliance and Cen-Cal Connection on their tourney wins. Each team won $500.00 for winning their flight.

I would like to thank Armando Acosta for helping me run the tourney. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks bro. I would also like to thank Todd Phillips for helping to secure the BLD Complex and all you hard work in making this tourney room smooth.

The Moody family really appreciated the way the players honored Brad. The family received many hugs during this event. The Moody Family said they will never forget how we honored their son/husband/brother and father.

Oakland PD donated $100.00 to Brad’s daughters for school shopping. After the ceremony, two players from Central Coast Hero’s gave Susan Moody some money for her daughters school shopping. Cali Force will be making a donation to Brad’s daughters.

Thanks again to the teams who committed and played in the 5th annual Brad Moody Memorial.

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June 29 & 30, 2018
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
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