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By: Eddie Freas
Aug 04, 2014
Showtime and Richmond Cobra Kai Emerge as Victors
It's SHOWTIME in Lake Tahoe
California Showtime 3 peat
Lake Tahoe was glistening and the Casinos were full of celebrities and hot nightlife. The 2014 Miken Lake Tahoe Classic was held July 18th and 19th. California weather was in full effect. The days were filled with sunny blue skies but the afternoons brought warm wet rain. The skies parted around Zephyr Field and maintained that true field of dreams atmosphere. The California side school fields were not so lucky. Thanks to ground crews though, games were pushed back for a short amount of time.

Seventeen teams made the trip up the hill to take in that deep Tahoe blue water. This year did not disappoint. This years story line had all eyes on California Showtime. Could they three- peat????????

Teams were placed in to brackets to determine A flight and B flight rankings. In the end here is how the brackets shook out:

A Flight
Hardcor, Battle Born, California Showtime, Stanislaus, West Coast United, Nor Cal Elite, Sacramento Probation and El Dorado Cartel

B Flight
Santa Monica PD, Oakland CHP, Antioch PD, San Francisco PD, Richmond Cobra Kai, 5150 Shockers, Oakland PD, Nevada Lawmen, Butte County Lawmen,

Teams drew numbered poker chips to determine their seed for tournament play.

The kegs were tapped and the Margarita Man Machine was flowing for Tahoe’s friday night lights. Pete Salvaggio and his crew cooked up an array of delicious foods that never disappoints. There might have even been an apple pie sighting or two! Ten participants entered in the Home Run Derby this year. Tyson Becker from Hardcor had a tough battle from a big lefty from Oakland CHP in the finals but experience prevails as Tyson was crowned champion for the second year in a row!

B Flight Tournament Play

Eddie Russell and Richmond Cobra Kai came out on fire and blew through the B Flight bracket beating the Shockers, NV Lawmen and SF PD to earn spot in the championship game. After the loss to Richmond, the Shockers kicked it into high gear. They almost got side swiped by a tough Oakland CHP team. Perry Flowers's veteran leadership guided them straight into the quarter final against motivated Santa Monica PD. The Shockers roster proved to be too deep for Santa Monica as they moved on to also beat a tough San Francisco PD team. The stage was set for a rematch of Richmond Cobra Kai and 5150 Shockers in the final at Zephyr Cove. Richmond Cobra Kai needed to be double dipped. Due to weather delays and an epic A Flight Championship, the B Flight Championship began later than expected. The Shockers put up forty runs to prevail over Richmond Cobra Kai who also put up a respectable thirty two runs, The game took almost two and a half hours. Decisions had to be made at that time. The lights were shutting off at midnight which negated the “if” game time. No one wanted/could return in the morning. Richmond Cobra Kai earned the right to be double dipped. Before tempers got out of hand, Perry Flowers gracefully ended the discussion and handed the championship plaque to Richmond. Co-Champions was discussed however Richmond in the end earned the required double dip. Congrats to both teams on a great game and tournament

1. Richmond Cobra KAI
2. 5150 Shockers
3. San Francisco PD
4. Santa Monica PD
T5. Nevada Lawmen
T5. Oakland CHP
T7. Antioch PD
T7. Butte County Lawmen
9. Oakland PD

A Flight Tournament Play

West Coast United quickly sent Sac Probation down to the losers bracket as did Hardcor over El Dorado Cartel and Battle Born over Stanislaus. Showtime and Hardcor both blew through the winners bracket before a showdown that sent Hardcor into the losers bracket by one run. Showtime kicked back and waited for the losers bracket to settle. Nor Cal Elite beat the always tough in Tahoe, Sac Probation, before getting sent home also by West Coast United. Stanislaus and El Dorado Cartel battled in another close game that ended in a walk off base hit for the Cartel. The high fives were short lived as Battle Born quickly sent the Cartel back to beer keg. Battle Born played West Coast United in the quarterfinals and prevailed as Hardcor was patiently waiting for the winner. Hardcor put up a great fight, but in the end Battle Born wanted their shot at the title holders. The stage was set. Ron Peeler brought up his super talented young team from Las Vegas and was aided by arguably the best bat in the game, King George Reyes. Showtime still stood at the top of the mountain looking down. Frank Terronez and his men were up for the challenge. The game began back and forth with no team wanting to get showed up by the other. Showtime did it with good base hitting and hustle. Battle Born maintained pace by hitting home runs. Showtime decided to keep theirs in the bag and bring them out later in the game if needed. It was inevitable, Battle Born ran out of the allotted home run balls. This strategy proved to be in favor of Showtime. In the bottom of the seventh inning Charlie Hahn stepped up to the plate and sent one into the trees for a walk off Championship win. Showtime’s experience carried them to victory. This team as talented as they come. A true super power in Police Softball. Congrats on Back to Back to Back Championships in Tahoe for California Showtime.

All Tourney - Sammy Lopez, Nick Epidendid, Alex Vasquez, Jeff Regino
MVP - Charlie Hahn

Battle Born
All Tourney - Scott Thompkins, George Reyes, AJ Montano, Paul Howard
MVP - Ray Steiber

1. California Showtime
2. Battle Born
3. Hardcor
4. West Coast United
T5. El Dorado Cartel
T5. Nor Cal Elite
T7. Sacramento Probation
T7. Stanislaus

Thanks to all of the teams that came up the hill to support the thirty second annual Lake Tahoe Classic. Thanks to Miken and Denny Crine for supplying the bats. They were hot all tournament and had not one complaint. Just Smiles! The Baden balls really flew off them and into the pine trees. Thanks to Nor Cal Beverage and Margarita Man for the booze and drinks

Looking forward to next years event. The dates are July 16th - 19th 2015. Want to bring back the Masters Bracket on thursday and hopefully get back the teams that missed this year for the main tournament. Until then the question remains: Can anyone knock California Showtime from their king of the mountain reign in Tahoe? California Showtime will be ready, will you be???????

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