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By: PoliceSoftball.com
Sep 24, 2014
Last of All-Decade Team Announced
The Police World Series on the cover of Softball Magazine.
Every successful team must have sponsors who help them throughout the years and our All-Decade Team is no exception. This is our final installment of our All-Decade Team announcements and in it we would like to name and thank the three sponsors who have helped PoliceSoftball.com, the Police World Series and Police Softball in general.
First we would like to thank the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. In 2006 the SCDSA sponsored our Hall of Fame and our Year End Awards. SCDSA handled creating the awards each year and even sent Association President Kevin Mickelson to personally present the awards to our recipients. SCDSA has asked nothing in return for their sponsorship and they truly embody what this sport is about.

Our second sponsor is Easton Sports. In 2007 the World Series did not have a sports company that wanted to put their name on our event. Along came Easton and Brett Helmer and we have had a sponsor ever since. Throughout the years Eason has provided the World Series with bats to swing, prize packages for our winners and they have given bats to some of our Players of the Year and HR Derby winners. Brett Helmer has also appeared at our tournament to promote softball, Easton and to just connect with the officers who play our sport.

Lastly, we would like to thank Softball Magazine who has been with us since day one as a mentor and friends. In 2005 our World Series was not a proven commodity yet they sent a crew to cover our event and even put us on the cover of their national publication. They have covered the World Series ever since and allowed us to cover the rest of the Police Softball scene in the “Cop Corner” for the last 12 years.

All three of these sponsors have given to our sport and have asked nothing in return from us. We are eternally indebted to them and we are very thankful to call them our friends.

Here is the final list of our All-Decade Team. We would like to invite everyone on this list to come to the fields on Thursday night during our opening ceremonies and be recognized.

Jeff Regino
Mark Tolliver
Butch Crozier
Alan Westfall
Ronnie Connor
Donovan Delaney
Keith Benjamin
Nate Baez
Rob Menke
Ryan Coe
Kris Ulibarri
Mike Bracci
Brad Borowy
Rick Tirelli
Scott Czopek
Scott Waxweiler
Ken Fry
Bobby Lambert
Terry Dugan
David Braun
Todd Patino
George Reyes
Dickie Malek
Flip McGovern
Paul Cullen
Brian Key
Mike Ogliaruso
Sac. Sheriff Assoc.
Softball Magazine

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