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By: PoliceSoftball.com
Sep 29, 2014
Lockdown's Matt Mejia Named WC Defensive Player of the Year
Matt Mejia shown getting is done this year for Lockdown.
Matt Mejia flew under the police softball radar until he was spotted playing at a public safety tournament. PS.com scouts spotlighted him and he was quickly inked by the up and coming War Pigs. With the War Pigs, Matt quickly showed himself as one of the better pitchers in the West Conference.

After the War Pigs folded, another heavyweight contender, SoCal Lockdown came knocking. Matt, better known as "Huero" has been toeing the rubber for Lockdown all year and not so coincidentially they have had their best season to date.

Matt is a presence on the mound and he does not fear hitters coming up the middle as he is one of the better fielding pitchers. He is also one of the few pitchers that makes hitters hit his pitch rather than hit the pitch they are looking for. He is best known for mixing speeds and location and will occasionally pitch from deep in the box which means the balls come in a little faster. Matt has excellent control and will rarely walk anyone.

We predict this will be a breakout World Series for Matt as more teams get a good look at him and see how he can literally change the game from the bump.

Matt, congratulations on a great year for you and Lockdown and good luck in the World Series. You have worked hard at your craft and this award is very deserving.

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