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2016 Report:
Scrappy small market team can go deep in Gold if they have all their regular guys. Kentucky Blue sniffing around their top studs though. 21. Louisville-gold team who can shock some majors teams. Has 4-5 major players with weak supporting cast.

2017 Report:
To say they underachieved in Vegas come Gold playoff team is an understatement. Hats off to them for bouncing back and going all out in Silver. They took lemons and made lemonade en route to becoming Silver Division champs.

2014 Report:
Ps.Com Comments: We had them as the top Gold team going into the World Series. Unfortunately they never got firing on all cylinders and ended up going 0-2 in round robin before finishing in the middle of the pack (T13) in the playoffs. This is obviously a step back from their previous World Series finish and their Cincy finish a few short months ago. Everyone has an off weekend on occasion so we don't have any concerns for this team. They appear to have a strong, youthful line-up that should be successful for years to come. Committee Comments: Tanking allegations during WS round robin are DISTURBING and EMBARRASSING.

2013 Report:
Big jump in the rankings for this scrappy crew from Kentucky. They played some inspired softball in Vegas and do so on the big stage with many "scouts" watching. They finished tied for 7th but most of those wins came when they were burning through the losers bracket. As a result many teams got sent home courtesy of this young upstart team. After the positive experience many of the players have been bit by the tourney bug so we expect to see much more of them throughout the year. There is already talks to combine with the defunct Bluegrass Lawmen in order to bring some of those sluggers out of retirement.

2012 Report:
25. Louisville Metro XXX 23. LMPD-East

2011 Report:
Got the makings of a top 12 team, and could be 13 here, but only saw them once. some talent on this team to compete in b flight. they can hit for sure, would like to see them in more tourneys. Dont play enough to crack top 20.

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2014 National Ranking Gold Division
2014 Regional Ranking [East]
2013 National Ranking Gold Division
2013 Regional Ranking [East]
2012 Regional Ranking [East]
2011 Regional Ranking [East]
October 11-14, 2018
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams) Western Regional Championship
June 29 & 30, 2018
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
National Police Softball Championship
Host: Chris POPPY Warner
July 7-8, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Southern Regional Championship (San Antonio)
Host: San Antonio Law
Aug 31 & Sept 1, 2018
San Antonio, Tx.
Thin Blue Line Tournament
Host: Thin Blue Line
Sept 22 & 23, 2018
State College, PA.
New York Hounds Tournament
Host: Jimmy Wolters
July 27-28, 2018
Long Island, NY.
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