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By: Police Softball
Oct 09, 2017
This is our last 20 for 20 Until After WS XIII
Matt Tindell - Is Next Up On Our 20 for 20
Matt Tindell Front and Center
Matt Tindell is a former Player of the Year and a World Series Champion and he is now a 20 for 20 interviewee. Matt will be our final 20 for 20 subject prior to the World Series so sit back and see what he has to say.
First, I would like to say it is an honor to participate in the 20 for 20.

Name: Matt Tindell

Team: Pure/3N2/Patriot Sports/OA apparel/Lawman (A team with that many sponsors should be on the NASCAR circuit)

Position: I'm not really sure, however, I am getting closer and closer to becoming a full time catcher. (Aren't we all)

In all of my years as an athlete I have only had one nickname. One of the best hitters I have ever had the pleasure to watch play (Chris Carr) Magic/S&S/Easton started calling me "Surge" from the dugout and it stuck, but he is the only person I know that calls me anything besides Matt. I wish I had a cool nickname like "Pcori" or something. (We are on the hunt for a cool nickname for you but we do not think it will be as cool as Pcori)

What is your baseball/softball history?
I played high school baseball at Avon Park High School, in Avon Park, Florida, home of John Borden. From there I was drafted in the 9th round by the Milwaukee Brewers. I spent 6 years in the minors between Milwaukee and Seattle. Then my softball career started and I have been fortunate in last 9 years to travel the country playing in the USSSA Conference. (Besides Hank Aaron, the Brewers can also boast Matt Tindell. Not bad)

Your number and why you picked it?
I have wore #99 since I was 13 because prior to shoulder surgery I had good arm and had no clue where I was throwing it. "Ricky WILD THING Vaughn" (Love it)

Something about you your teammates do not know?
If I could not get a flight to the Police World Series, I would drive. (We love hearing this)

What do you enjoy most about being a LEO and least? I most enjoy the camaraderie and relationships I have been able to obtain with my brothers and sisters also in law enforcement, as well as with members of the community. The least enjoyable part of serving in law enforcement is the black cloud hanging over law enforcement across the country due to recent isolated incidents.

What team would you want to be on other than yours and why?
The Nightshift or Lockdown Sports!! Wow what a group of guys on and off the field.

Your 3n2 team run ruled the Alliance at World Series XI. Was a run rule as satisfying as a close, full 7th inning win would have been?
Other than the game ending on a walk off, weak backside bomb, I would have to say that I'm glad the game ended when it did because when you let team like Alliance that are loaded 1-11 stick around you usually do not come out on top. To answer the question, I will take it either way. A win is a win.

What team gives your team the most problems and why?
If we are talking about at the WS I can't narrow it down to one team. In the Major division there are 7 teams that can win it any given year. Then there are 10 more teams that if you come out flat or don't play your best as a team they can ruin your whole tournament. That is what makes Police Softball my favorite tournaments of the year. Every event that I have played in has been phenomenal, The relationships that are formed just take it to a whole different level. My best friends in the world play on the circuit.

After a violent takeover, you find yourself sitting on the iron throne of police softball. As itsí new king, tell us some things you would change?
I love the way things are now, but if I had to change anything it would be the homeruns per game. Major 8, Mid Major 5, Gold 3, Silver 1. As it is now, I'm not sure that there is any incentive for the other divisions to move up. I think this may help. When you start ranking players, guys get pushed out of the game and end up without a place to play. (We tried varying HR limits but they had Potter and his fellow crew members so confused it was like they were in high school trig class all over again)

Besides you, best player in police softball who is not a teammate?
Hands down without a question Kevin Mort!!! This is a guy that can do it all with ease and never says a word. He is an awesome teammate, and could make sports centers top 10 every game with the glove and will lead the team with a quite 850 if there is such a thing. Tell The "Stool Pigeon" I heard he was moving to Georgia. (Not the first time Mort has been mentioned in 20 for 20)

Hardest pitcher to hit in police softball and why? There are several that come to mind. Police Softball is loaded with great pitching. I have never had to face him, but I hear a lot of guys talking about this Jimmy Black guy.

What is the best, and worst, part of your game? The best part of my game? That's a tough one. I would have to say my competitiveness. The worst part of my game is easy and I don't have enough time to type all of them so I will some it up. I make outs. I hit into double plays. I hit solo's. I make errors. I take losing really hard and sticks with me for a long time.

Besides your team, the best team in police softball right now?
I'm hearing a lot of chatter about Battle Born, but again Great Lakes, LAPD Blue, DEA Combo, Shamrock, Mid-Atlantic, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio Lawman, the Hounds have as good of a chance as anyone of winning the whole thing.

What do you enjoy doing the most in Vegas? Favorite spot?
Hanging out with the guys I only see a few times a year from other teams. A new place called "The Night Shift Bar" owned and operated by Sward and Worm.

What PS player does your game resemble the most?
I don't know that there is one guy, however, there are a lot of guys I watch and try to emulate. I would say that Mike Ogliaruso is one I strive to be like the most. (Ogi and your games cannot be more polar opposite but we love watching both of you so we will allow this answer)

What makes your team unique?
I'm not sure how other teams on the circuit are, but if you see one of us there is a good chance you will see 12 or 13. (This is why we love this sport)

Besides talent, what is the most important aspect of a championship team and why?
Hard work beats talent when talent is tired. One common goal and everyone doing what it takes to accomplish that goal without using the word.

Game on the line, do you want to make the game winning play or the game winning hit?
I would have to say the game winning play, however, hitting the walk off does taste pretty sweet.

Any superstitions related to softball? I would call them routine's. I have been called a human rain delay. (Good thing for time limits in RR games)

Ok, your team not withstanding, who will win World Series XIII?
The team that wants it the most, puts his teammates before his own statistics, and leaves it all on the field every time they step between the lines. In order to win The Police World Series you have to be a true TEAM!! (Dang, we tried to pin him down and he not only avoids a straight answer but he looks damn good doing it. This kid is polished)

Leave us with a thought.
If Police Softball had one poster child there is a man that immediately comes to mind. This man is a great player, one of the best hitters in the game. He is an awesome father, greater husband, hard worker, and without a doubt great ambassador for this great circuit POLICE SOFTBALL. Ladies and Gentleman it is my pleasure to introduce my friend "MR. POLICE SOFTBALL, KING GEORGE REYES"

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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