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By: Andy Domenici
Aug 25, 2015
West Coast United and DVI Gladiators Emerge as Victors
Moody Memorial Huge Success in Manteca
Majors Champions West Coast United
On August 21st and 22nd, 2015 the Cali Force and Stanislaus hosted the 6th annual Brad Moody Memorial Tournament at the Big League Dreams in Manteca, California. We had 13 teams battle it out. Six teams in “A” flight and seven teams in “B” flight. The following teams attended; Cali Force, Stanislaus, West Coast United, Cen Cal Connection, Nor-Cal Elite, El Dorado Cartel, Cali Degenerates, DVI Gladiators, Most Wanted, South Bay Combo, Sac Razorbacks, Richmond PD and Oakland PD. Thank you to all the teams that attended.

The weather was +/- 91 degrees for both days. The balls were flying (Baden 44 core and 400/375 compression).

Round Robin games were mixed with “A” and “B” flight teams. There was a major upset with Richmond PD beating Cali Force 16 to 15. Cali Force Player/Coach had to buy Richmond PD Player/Coach James Moody drinks all night.

After round robin the following “A” fight teams were seeded 1-6 in this order; West Coast United, Cen Cal Connection, El Dorado Cartel, Nor-Cal Elite, Cali Force and Stanislaus.

After round robin the following “B” flight teams were seeded 1-7 in this order; Cali Degenerates, Most Wanted, Richmond PD, Sac Razorbacks, DVI Gladiators, Oakland PD and South Bay Combo.

In between round robin and playoff games, a memorial celebrating the life of Brad Moody was attended by most players playing in the tournament. This ceremony took place on Tiger Stadium. The Moody Family; Brad’s Wife Susan, Brad’s brother James (Richmond Police Officer) and Brad’s daughters Emma and Madison Moody. Betty Moody (Brad’s Mother) and Jen Moody (Brad’s Sister) weren’t able to make the tourney this year. Emma and Madison each threw out the ceremonial first pitch. They were very excited about this and were walking around telling people that they got to throw out the 1st pitch. Stanislaus’ Color Guard posted the colors and also had a bagpiper playing during the ceremony. This was very emotional and a outstanding way to honor Brad Moody and all the fallen officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Stanislaus had a helicopter do a fly over Tiger Stadium during the ceremony. A big thanks to Stanislaus County S.O. for providing their services. A big thanks to the retired Under Sheriff (Mick Hardenbrook) of Stanislaus S.O. for making this happen. I know I got tears in my eye and got a little chocked up. The Moody Family was very happy how we honored Brad and all the fallen officers. Once again, the Moody girls will be receiving proceeds from this tourney.

In “A” flight playoffs West Coast United and Cen Cal Connection drew 1st round byes. Cali Force beat Nor-Cal Elite 20-16. El Dorado Beat Stanislaus 26-21. In the 2nd round, West Coast United beat Cali Force 32-21. In a nail bitter El Dorado Cartel beat Cen Cal Connection 24-23. This was the start of El Dorado Cartel catching fire heading into Saturday. In the losers bracket, Nor-Cal Elite couldn’t field a team at 0800 hours, so Cen-Cal had a bye until 1145 hours. Stanislaus beat Cali Force 22-19. The next round Cen Cal Connection beat Stanislaus 28-9. In the undefeated game, El Dorado Cartel beat West Coast United 20-15. That would set up a match up in the losers bracket between Cen Cal Connection and West Coast United. West Coast United beat Cen Cal Connection 21-15. The championship game would be El Dorado Cartel vs West Coast United. El Dorado Cartel would have to be double dipped. In the 1st game, West Coast United beat El Dorado Cartel 21-4. In the “if” game, West Coast United beat El Dorado Cartel 22-13. El Dorado Cartel was banging all weekend but came up short. Congrats to West Coast United and El Dorado Cartel. West Coast United looks very strong heading into the World Series.

West Coast United’s MVP is Stephen Bautista. All tourneys are Brent Harrison, Keith “Benji” Benjamin and Justin Charles.

El Dorado Cartel’s MVP is Mike Roberts. All tourneys are Randle Beebee, Shane Humbird and Joe Johnson.

Congrats to all MVP’s and all tourneys.

“A” Flight
1. West Coast United
2. Eldorado Cartel
3. Cen Cal Connection
4. Stanislaus
T5. Cali Force
T5. Nor-Cal Elite

In “B” flight playoffs, Cali Degenerates drew a 1st round bye because FBOP Lockdown had to back out of the tourney. DVI beat Sac Razorbacks 25-9. Oakland PD beat Richmond PD 25-11. Most Wanted beat South Bay Combo 22-19. On Saturday Sac Razorbacks received a bye. South Bay Combo Beat Richmond PD 35-18. In the winners brackets, DVI beat Cali Degenerates 14-11 and Oakland PD beat Most Wanted 11-8. In the losers bracket, Most Wanted beat Sac Razorbacks 16-6 and South Bay Combo beat Cali Degenerates 17-11. In the undefeated game, DVI beat Oakland PD 16-13. Most Wanted beat South Bay Combo 27-10. Oakland PD and Most wanted would square off again. Oakland PD beat Most Wanted 10-8. That would set up the championship game between DVI and Oakland PD. Oakland PD would need to double dip DVI to win the championship. DVI beat Oakland PD 27-12. Congrats to DVI and Oakland PD.

DVI Gladiator’s MVP is Gene Hudson. All tourneys are Mark Lundgren, Sal Soto and Ray Memdez.

Oakland PD’s MVP is Beau Nelson. All tourneys are Sam Meyer, Kyle Hay and Dave Waters.

Congrats to all MVP’s and all tourneys.

“B” Flight
1. DVI Gladiators
2. Oakland PD
3. Most Wanted
4. South Bay Combo
T5. Sac Razorbacks
T5. Cali Degenerates
7. Richmond PD

Congrats to the West Coast United and DVI Gladiators on their tourney wins.

I would like to thank the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department for lending their resources to make the Moody Tourney special for the Moody Family, all the players and family members who attended. Thanks again Mick for organizing these event for the ceremony. I would also like to thank Dan Potter and his umpire crew. Dan on his own dime, had Brad Moody tee shirts made up with the Moody name on the front of the shirts. Each of Dan’s umpires wore these shirts during Friday’s Games. Dan also donated three shirts to Susan, Emma and Madison. Classy move Dan. Thanks you very much. I also know that players were coming up to Dan to buy a Moody tee shirt.

The Moody family really appreciated the way the players honored Brad. The family received many hugs during this event. The Moody Family said they will never forget how we honored their son/husband/brother and father.

Thanks again to the teams who committed and played in the 6th annual Brad Moody Memorial tourney.


October 8-11, 2020
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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