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By: Rick Tirelli
Jun 06, 2014
Blues defend their house!
New York, New York...Full Recap
NYPD Blues post back to back championships
The NYPD Blues hosted their annual tournament which featured only (6) teams, Missouri, Shamrock, Suffolk, Mid Atlantic DeMarini, Detroit's Finest and the Blues. Due to the limited amount of teams we decided to have every team play one another. This format worked out extremely well and I believe the teams would agree.
On Saturday we opened up with three games on a sunny but windy day and when the dust cleared the Blues and Mid Atlantic teams both came out undefeated with 3-0 records.
On Sunday the weather GOD'S we looking down on our tournament. The weather was 75 degrees and the sun was shining like the top of my bald head. The two undefeated teams matched up and the NYPD Blues beat Mid Atlantic and then the Blues beat Missouri in their final game. This gave the Blues a 5-0 record and their second straight title after winning Virginia Beach. When the games were completed Suffolk County and Mid Atlantic both finished with 3-2 records but Suffolk beat Mid Atlantic head to head giving them second place. The rest of the standings are as follows.

1. NYPD Blues
2. Suffolk County
3. Mid Atlantic
4. Missouri
5. Shamrock
6. Detroit's Finest

In addition I would like to thank Shamrock for always attending all the East Coast tournaments, whether they have a full squad or not they support all the East Coast tournaments. You guys are a class act.

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