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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 13, 2022
NY Hounds win Majors and Necessary Force strikes Gold.
New York Teams Run the Table in Tampa
2022 Aselton Champs, THE NY HOUNDS
Once again, we kicked off the 2022 season here on the East Coast with the Brian Aselton Memorial Tournament and the weather did not disappoint. The field of teams was probably one of the most challenging and most competitive field of 20 teams that I have ever had at this long running Tournament including the Connection coming all the way from the West Coast.

We opened up play on Sat morning with five brackets of four teams based on the Police Softball rankings making for an interesting beginning with the bracket play. This gave teams from the cold a chance to shake off any rust from the long winter. The seeding into the double elimination from the brackets fell pretty much the way it was lined up with a few surprises from the Miami 5-0 team finishing with the #1 seed to a scrappy Dayton, Center Mass and Detroit PSC finishing higher up with some big upset wins. The bottom 6 had to play to stay in the Majors Bracket with the 4 losers dropping into the Gold Bracket making for a competitive Gold Division with Lake County, Necessary Force, Front Line and Metro Detroit.

We continued playing Saturday night well into the night with the two double elimination tournaments giving all the teams a full day of playing ball. We started off early Sunday morning eliminating teams leaving some teams with key elimination matchups early with such a strong field.

First to leave in the Gold were Lake County and Front Line, Robby and Lake County, you guys always show up knowing you might not win a game but come for all the right reasons and Jack from Front Line, it's nice to have you guys back, thank you for your support. This left Metro Detroitís Finest in the finals against Necessary Force and Necessary Force showed some real guts double dipping Metro Detroit to take the Gold Finals. Gabe and Detroit, great run and always love having you guys come down out of the cold. You guys always show up competitive and have fun. Norm and Necessary Force, congratulations, great win coming out of the loser' bracket. Always fun to have you guys, all good friends of mine and your team always makes the best of it. Love that...

In the Majors with some tough games and competition we lost early, Suffolk, Gulf Coast Lawmen, Maryland and Ct Goats all teams that could beat anybody at any time. John and Suffolk, thank you for coming down, it's been a while since I was able to host you guys it was good seeing you. Gulf Coast Jim, another up and coming team, you definitely made an impression. Scotty, always love having Maryland, you guys play hard and have fun, always a great combination and Justin with Ct Goats, thank you for your support. I'm always secretly rooting for a Connecticut team, you guys are always tough just ran into some big guns.

Next to drop were Detroit PSC and Dayton, two great runs from a small market team coming from the cold. Mike and Teddy love having you guys, you represented well with some huge upsets. Next were Miami 5-0 and Center Mass. Anthony and Miami, great run in the brackets turned a lot of heads and again it's nice to see new blood on the circuit. Denio and Center Mass, some tough games and ran into some fierce competition. Thanks for your support and representation as a local team from the Tampa area.

South Florida, LI Express and the Connection were the next to drop. Brandon and South Florida, definitely re-tooled with some young talent they should represent well on the circuit. Justin and LI Express, donít underestimate these guys, they will have the possibility to make a huge impact this year, and Rubin and the Connection coming all the way from the West Coast and even being lite they made a huge impact in this tournament. Kudos to them for making that trip and was a pleasure to host them. All the East Coast teams loves seeing them. Thanks to all three for your support with this tournament.

Kentucky and North Florida making two great runs falling just a little short. Kentucky, Eric putting together a strong team and will be in every tournament they play in. Always a great addition to the party in the lot. Matty and North Florida, this team always shows up on Sunday. Last seed into the Majors after bracket play then went on an impressive run and Donny, youíre a freak of nature. Always great to have you guys at the tournament both longtime supporters.

Then there were Three, No surprises here. Hounds in the driver's seat after some impressive wins to stay in the winner's bracket and with the heat was a huge advantage. Mid Atlantic facing Maximum Elite in an epic battle where Mid Atlantic prevails giving Max Elite third leaving Mid Atlantic to face the Hounds in the finals. The Hounds were just too tough all weekend with everything coming together giving them the victory over Mid Atlantic taking First in the Majors for the 2022 Brian Aselton Tournament.

Johnny and Max Elite, thought maybe a repeat of 2021 where you took it all. Some tough loses and could have gone either way. Great run coming out of the Cold. I'm sure you will be in every tournament this year. Terry and Mid Atlantic, great run my friend. Always great to have you and your team played well as usual. I promise next year I will get Whiskey Joes for you. Thanks for both you and Maxís support with this long running tournament. You guys have always been there.

Jimmy, what can I say bro, can't say the Hounds are back, they never left, but as for this tournament, there back winning it again. Always a great bunch of guys who blend well together with a coach that preaches team mentality along with the brotherhood. Itís a true family. Its impressive to watch. Congratulations and well done.

Also, can't thank Jimmy Wolters enough for all the help that he provides for this tournament. I think that everyone is starting to catch on that you are truly the man behind the curtain pulling the strings making this event happen along with all the others involved. Thank you, Duke and JRob doing the brackets that's a huge relief. Erik for helping me with the Jungle Juice and all the countless others that have supported this event over the years. Thank you for keeping Brianís name alive after all these years, but even more important for me now. It's an honor for me to be able to provide this escape for all of you in this Brotherhood. Thatís what it's truly all about.

All-Tournament Team Majors

NY Hounds Mid Atlantic Maximum Elite

Ryan Theiss, Tournament MVP Kurt Snyder Gerry McCreey

Daver Masi TJ Danaker

Richie Gili Alex Genoa

Jordan Marsch Corey Rogerson

Duke Settoducato

Steve Scuba Schmitt

All-Tournament Team Gold

Necessary Force Metro Detroitís Finest Front Line

Matt Tait Adrean Cole Brian Kribs

Anthony Licata Alan Reichenbach

Sean Brathwaite Jared Suminski

Dave Castellano Mark Keraest

Jr Aluska

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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