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By: police softball
Oct 03, 2017
Next Up on 20 For 20 is World Series Champion Jim Knapp
Jimmy Knapp is a member of the World Series Champions Chicago Metro team and one of the legitimate good guys in police softball. We caught up with him recently to spotlight to man behind the jersey. As usual, our comments follow his in parenthesis.
Name: Jim Knapp

Team: Chicago Metro

Position: 1B(C,3B depending on personnel)

Nickname: Mongo

Your Number and why you picked it: 96 (10-96=Mental subject) fit me well. (We firmly believe that Jimmy is the PS version of Dr. Jekylll and Mr. Hyde. Online he is that mental patient. In real life, he comes across as the boy next door)

Something about you that your teammates don't know?: I have tears under my sunglasses when they read the roll call of fallen officers at tournaments. (You are not alone)

What do you enjoy most about being a LEO and least?:

Most, The way little kids think we are like superstar athletes.

Least, the thought that I may have to take a life. (Kids are not taught to love us, that comes naturally. Sadly some are taught to hate us)

What team do i want to play most at the WS and why? Pittsburg, because they are like the bigger stronger major version of Chicago Metro. They've beat us, we've beat them. But we always have respect for each other, and somehow end up in the hot tub together sharing beers and stories. (Your hot tub stories with Pittsburg will have to wait for a later time)

What gives your team the most problems and why? Inconsistency, average 20 runs one tourney, and 10 the next. Sometimes game to game. Why? Because we play hard, we're a little older, we're smaller than most teams and physically we just wear down.

Besides you, who is the best player in PS who is not a teammate? Butch Castor from Ohio Lawmen, combined with them in Cincy once, he put the ball where ever he wanted, and was a great guy. (Butch also owned the PS title for best hair for several years...When you have won Player of the Year and Best Hair Awards, you know you are legit)

Who is the best power hitter in PS? Double D from New Jersey has hit more laserbeams than anyone i've seen. (Second time we have seen Double D mentioned in this category...The kid must be pretty good)

Who is the best team in PS now? Battle Born is decent, LOL (Battle Born? PS has never heard of them)

What do you enjoy doing the most in Vegas? Watching Frank and the Stiens band with my wife on Freemont every October! (PS needs to get away from the fields more often....that sounds like a fun time)

What PS player does your game resemble most? I'd say i'm the far less talented George Reyes. He always seems to have a good attitude, has fun on the field and will do whatever the team needs. (We nicknamed George "King George"....We will have to give you a fittingl nickname)

Besides your own, what PS coach would you like to play for and why? Ollie from Detroit. He and I get to play in the old timers division. He's just a kind, relaxed guy, who likes to joke around. (Ollie, another one of our favs)

What makes your team unique? Every team we play is physically stronger, more talented, and full of real baseball players. But we still beat some of them. I'd say we are the grittiest team in PS. (We see you working here)

Best glove in PS? Rob Menke (Even as an old guy, Menke is still getting it done with the glove)

Any superstitious rituals? Rumor has it that i wore Alyson Knapp's (AKA my wife) underwear day 2 to break a day 1 slump and help Chicago Metro win it's first tournament championship in 2008 Virginia Beach. I won't confirm that. But i'd do it again for the team. (Reminds us of Nuke LaLoosh breathing through his eyeballs like a Lave Lizard)

What is your best memory in PS? Winning that title and climbing the Angels field rocks! (Still one of the best photos from any World Series. Sadly, BLD still gives us the stink eye for that move and they still talk about raising our insurance rates because of you guys)

Game on the line, to i want to make the game winning hit or play? Make a ridiculous diving play on a rocket to win the game. And then get up like it's no big deal, maybe a small grin. Then tell my wife how awesome i was 60 times on the way back to the hotel! (We are sure Mrs. Knapp has learned to tune you out by now)

The Police Softball World Series is one of the best things i've ever been a part of. Proud to be in this BROTHERHOOD. (Our goal at PS is to make memories. We are glad to be part of yours)

Oct 5-8, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
18th Annual Police Softball World Series
Keepers of the Peace National Police Softball Championship
Host: San Antonio Lawmen
Sept 8-9, 2023
Waxahachie, Texas
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