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Sep 05, 2014
Our Next All-Decade Team Member Comes Out of Virginia
The next All-Decade team member simply does so much, that we would consider him for the Sportsman of the Decade award if there was one. He is Terry Dugan and is well known by anyone who has spent any time in this sport. Terry, will many times sponsor/coach several different teams and is takes care of his players as well as any manager can.
He is very selfless in his deeds and truly loves our sport. Terry also runs one of the best tournaments in the country and his player parties are always special. In 2010 Terry was inducted into the Hall of Fame and he hasn't slowed down since. Terry also sponsors things behind the scenes. In the past he has sponsored portions of our website and he coordinated and sponsored last year’s World Series poolside players’ party. At the end of the day, you ask yourself who would our sport miss if we did not have them in it and Terry’s name comes to the forefront of that list. Thank you for everything you do and have done Terry. Semper Fi.

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