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Play Softball in the Dominican Republic
Open Invitation to all Police Softball Teams in the US
Bring your team to the Dominican Republic and play against great competition while enjoying an Island Vacation at the same time.
Play Softball in the Dominican Republic
We are serious about you having a great international softball experience as this is a game you love and enjoy with your teammates so much that you are traveling overseas to play. No place better overseas to play than against the mighty Dominicans who treat baseball/softball at a level Americans did back when Babe Ruth played. Some of the
softball players play baseball professionally here and some of them are still trying to make it in the big leagues in the US.

* Come any time of the year
* Great competition....let us know what level you want to play against
* Easy to get here...many flights are available due to high tourism
* Play day and/or night games
* Extra activities between games are outstanding
(after all this is Paradise)

We are offering you a great softball experience here in the Dominican
Republic to go along with an island vacation. Go to our website for full
details. "
October 8-11, 2020
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams) Western Regional Championship
June 26 & 27, 2020
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
Saint Louis Show Me Classic
Host: Joe Monahan-
Aug 1-2, 2020
Bridgeton, Mo.
Eastern Regional Championship (Big Apple)
Host: Jimmy Wolters
July 24 & 25, 2020
Long Island, NY.
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