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Victor Woods
Vic started in Law Enforcement Softball in 1984 with the Oakland Police Department, although winning was minimal, Vic maintained an iron-clad drive toward pefection, it was his desire to win that eventually prompted the formualtion of the team now known as the Quake. In 1997 the Quake took the field as ''East Bay Combo'', (EBC) Their first stop was Calgary Canada where EBC won the gold. From their the team traveled throughout the Western States winning multiple Police Games titles around the bat and first base glove of Vic. It was common for Vic to hit in the high 700s and double digits in home runs per tournament; his feat of supreme talent astonished opponents and teammates alike as we often saw his 6'-2'', 240 lb frame beat throws to first base from shortstops.Vic was the cornerstone of a very good and young organization, he taught all members of the Quake how to view and appraoch the game. Without his leadersip the Quake would not enjoy its current place amongst Law Enforcement Softball. Although Vic retired from the game in 2005 his spirit and mentorship contiunes to guide the good nature of the Quake. Vic is the Quake's first leader and most deserved for the Hall of Fame.
Cal Quake
October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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