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By: Police Softball
Oct 05, 2017
Q is up next on our  20 for 20
If you know West Coast Softball, you know Q from NorCal. He is a former Defensive Player of the Year and is one of the most exciting players in our our game. We caught up with Q recently and here is his 20 for 20:
Name -
Quintin Lewis Jr

Team -
West Coast United ďThe UĒ

Position -

Nickname? -

Your number and why you picked it? -
#1 . Iíve worn #1 most of my sports career. Iíve always try to live by the mantra that you only get 1 shot in life , make it right the first time .... The number on my back is simply a reminder for myself to attempt to fulfill that in every aspect of life . (We are impressed by the mindset)

Something about you your teammates do not know?
I still watch re-runs of Saved by The Bell and Family Matters every chance I get ! To this day , I still have a crush on Lisa Turtle and Laura Winslow.... yeah, I know, I went straight NERD on this one lol (Wow....but since you recognize yourself as a nerd on this one, we cannot pile on)

What do you enjoy most about being a LEO and least?
Most - In my current position , Iím afforded the opportunity to train cadets and have a positive impact on their lives in Law enforcement. It feels great to be that positive role model for 21 year old New boots. (Training allows you to leave your mark on the future...thanks Q)

Least - having to sit and watch the narrative thatís being pushed across this nation in regards to law enforcemen . ESPECIALLY when 99.9999999% of the LEOís I know are GREAT PEOPLE.

What team do you want to play most at the WS and why?
Definitely Battle Born. To be the best , youíve got to beat the best.

What team gives your team the most problems and why?
Those Guys in Neon green and black from CenCal lol.... weíve played so much this season, that naturally a rivalry has been born. (Every year CenCal seems to be involved in a highly charged and emotional game...we love them at the WS)

Besides you, best player in police softball who is not a teammate?
So many guys could hold this title , but Iím gonna go with Buddy Lundy . Dude is flat out ridiculous ! Hits the ball wherever he wants and can flash the leather. (The epitome of a five tool player)

Who has the best power hitter in PS besides a teammate?
Another title than many on our circuit could hold . But im gonna go with George Reyes ....
Thereís also a guy on Mid-Atlantic Who CRUSHES the ball. I donít know the guys name but heís A BIG MAN!

Besides your team, the best team in police softball right now?
Battle Born .... top to bottom, they are solid .

What do you enjoy doing the most in Vegas? Favorite spot?
Definitely the Food! Iím all about Texas De Brazil or Samba .

What PS player does your game resemble the most?
Sheesh..... This is when I re-direct that question back to PS.COM . LoL (MLB, we are going with former player Andruw Jones of the Braves....In PS softball, we liken Q to retired player and Hall of Famer, Ron Connor of the storied Quake team. Like Q, Ron Connor was a speedy, heady player who was a lightning rod for his team)

Besides your own, what PS coach would you like to play for and why?
Jim Lemmon. Jimmy is always super calm, and a great guy. Iíve rarely see Jim angry in between the lines . Of course Jim isnít currently a ďcoachĒ on our circuit , but I couldnít resist the opportunity to give my guy a shout out! (Jim is another class act)

What makes your team unique?
Weíve got a great mix of youth and veteran leadership. Egoís arenít an issue at ALL! Hell weíve got former World Series champs who hit at the bottom of the lineup and do so willingly . At the end of the day weíre BROTHERS, and The camaraderie is legit. (That is a scary mindset when everyone puts the team first...dangerous team)

Best glove in police softball that is not on your team?
Harryman , his glove and Arm strength is just unfair. (Hard to argue against Harryman)

Any superstitious rituals?
I always take out my full uniform the night before . Itís something Iíve done for YEARS. Old habits are hard to break.

Your best moment in police softball?
Truthfully I cherish every opportunity that Iím in between the lines. Having the opportunity to play a game I love with the ďband of brothersĒ is a blessing . Iím getting old (lol), and I wonít be able to play forever , so I donít take anything for granted.

Game on the line, do you want to make the game winning play or the game winning hit?
Those that know me KNOW Iím all about taking hits away. Getting a solid hit to win a game is great, but thereís nothing more gratifying than seeing the agony in a player when they THINK they got a ball in the gap! (We love a great defensive play too)

We hope you enjoyed our next 20 for 20. If you get a chance, be sure to watch Q and his team play at the WS. They are great mix of vets who know how to play the game and they have a good shot to be one of the last teams vying for the title.

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