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By: PoliceSoftball.com
Sep 23, 2014
They proudly sponsor the NJ Shamrock Enforcers!!!
Shamrock Construction Group Named EC Sponsor of the Year
According to the Cambridge Dictionary online, a “sponsor” is one who supports a person, organization or activity by giving money, encouragement or help… The NJ Shamrock Enforcers, started in 2008, have been extremely fortunate to be “helped” by their sponsor, Shamrock Construction Group, Inc. Shamrock Construction (for which the team has been named) has been a constant avenue of support and dedication which has propelled the NJ Shamrock Enforcers to experience unprecedented success as a young team on the circuit.
Shamrock Construction Group, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is under the direction of President Orlando Rodriguez. Shamrock Construction Group, Inc. is managed by brothers Joe and John Drum. Shamrock Construction primarily operates in the Highway, Street and Bridge Construction Companies industry. They employ personnel from the Iron Workers Local Union #11, Newark, New Jersey. Ironworkers erect and dismantle the structural steel framework of pre-engineered metal buildings, single family homes and multi-story buildings, stadiums, arenas, hospitals, towers, wind turbines and bridges. Ironworkers assemble the structural framework in accordance with engineered drawings.

One of the most recent notable projects completed by Shamrock Construction Group, Inc. was the erection of the new Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom ride located at Six Flags, Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. The ride broke the world record for the tallest drop ride at 41 stories. The Zumanjaro is connected to the iconic Kingda Ka roller coaster which is the world’s tallest coaster and fastest in North America. Erection of this structure was performed through constant adverse weather conditions as the North East experienced one of the coldest and most snowy winters in decades. In addition, Shamrock Construction has built several Sam’s Club and Walmart locations in the North East.

The Shamrock Construction Group is not limited to sponsoring the Shamrock Enforcers softball team. They contribute to numerous charitable organizations. We would like to thank the Shamrock Construction Group, Inc. for their support of the NJ Shamrock Enforcers and for continually supporting the law enforcement community and our great sport.

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