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2018 Regional Ranking [East]
2018 Report:
Still early in the season for East teams, but Shamrocks look as solid as ever. Perhaps the most consistent EC team since NY Metro.

2017 Report:
Overall body of work earned them such a high ranking despite another disappointing finish in Vegas. Committee comments: My momma taught me if you don't have anything nice to say ... 3. Shamrocks – I give them the # 3 spot because they were very active all year and played great. I think they may want to reconsider playing the Masters, because they should have played way better in the Majors. The WS is a big factor in my vote but it is the they earned this spot all year long.

2016 Report:
Could be their best year ever. Looked strong in Vegas too. Veteran team has added some speedy legs.

2014 Report:
Ps.Com Comments: It was their best season and they were almost TWICE as active as any other team in the EC. They typically crush it all year, but for some reason have struggled at the World Series and this year was no different. It is just a matter of time before they flip that Vegas switch to ON because we have seen their capabilities time and time again at different events. We begrudgingly have to drop them some in the rankings but they are still clearly one of the top 10 teams in the nation. Committee Comments: Shamrock Enforcers- Excellent team, despite their disappointing WS. 5. Shamrock - They had a GREAT year always in the top 3 of every tournament, unfortunately played poorly at the WS. Like the instructions indicated the totality of the year they only drop 3 spots. 6. Shamrock - What in the world happened in Vegas???

2013 Report:
They had yet another banner year as they are becoming one of the nation's most consistent. They have become the epitome of the blue collar team. They seem to quietly fly under the radar. While everyone is talking about NYPD or Ohio or Great Lakes...quietly the Shamrocks show up, put on their hard hats, and get to work. When the dust settles they are always entrenched in the Top 5 somewhere, minus any grandstanding or the associated drama. 7. Shamrocks - very solid team, still doesn't win the big games (see SoCal WS game). 5. Shamrocks - added some young and talented new players to mix with great veterans. 5. Shamrock Excellent team all year with a previous ranking of 5th, but an average showing at the WS finishing TIED for 13th. Bring back Quido????

2012 Report:
7. Shamrocks XXX 6. Shamrocks – Very good all year playing in the small NE tournaments but fall way way short again against the real big boys at the WS. The worst display of selfish HR hitting that I’ve seen in a while. XXX 7.Shamrock,T5 V.Beach,T5 Dayton,1st Drifting,T17 W.S.XXX 7. Shamrock XXX 8. Shamrocks XXX 4. Shamrock XXX 9. Shamrock Enforcers XXX 8. NJ Shamrocks - always tough even with the bad World Series showing. XXX 7. Shamrocks, disappointing finish but still a good year and very good team

2011 Report:
6. Shamrock- see South Florida comments they are the same for Shamrocks. 5.Shamrocks: Solid team who has stepped it up this year. They have some really good players. They now believe they can win the big games. 8. Shamrock/TPS- Holy talent, great bunch.4. Shamrocks- Had a very good year only bad tourney was the World Series. Shamrock- Still to inconsistent. Team needs to gel and play as a team. Like Ohio, the large number of players seems to be hurting this team. 3rd is Shamrocks, you cant ignore the success and tourney championships they earned this year.7.Shamrocks – They had a very good year in the regular tournaments but finishing 17th is beyond disappointing. This team could have finished top 4 but 17th is embarrassing with that alleged talent. 4. - Shamrocks - Won V.B. and finished top 5 in most tourneys. emerging powerhouse that is attracting talent away from traditional east contenders.3. Shamrock Enforcers. I hate to say it but they missed having Guido on the hill. He is a very tough pitcher, they need to get him back.

2010 Report:
The battle for New Jersey dominance is in full force. We were tempted to place Team Jersey ahead of the Shams, but overall we feel the Shams had a better year. But the gap is not just closing, it IS closed. We look forward to some good battles between these 2 teams next year. "These guys are probably the most talented team in the North East, but will need to win some big tourneys to reach the status of Metro or Blues."

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October 11-14, 2018
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams) Western Regional Championship
June 29 & 30, 2018
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
National Police Softball Championship
Host: Chris POPPY Warner
July 7-8, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Thin Blue Line Tournament
Host: Thin Blue Line
Sept 22 & 23, 2018
State College, PA.
New York Hounds Tournament
Host: Jimmy Wolters
July 27-28, 2018
Long Island, NY.
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