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By: Jake Grunwald
Aug 03, 2015
Nevada Police & Fire Games Recap
SoCal Alliance Strike Gold in Nevada
SoCal Alliance
20 teams was the scenerio for the opening day of the 2015 NV Police/Fire Games. Brackets were set with heavy hitters DEA, SoCal Alliance, BattleBorn, Sin City Aces and Elite Fire as the favorites. After things unfolded Thursday, each of the top teams took their respected bracket except Alliance. Alliance was short on players for day 1 and came across a well-rounded LA Lawmen team. LA Lawmen was able to take a win from Alliance placing themselves in the top 5 seeding. This would be the first loss for Alliance in 2015.
Match-ups were set for tournament play, the early match of Sin City and Alliance had the attention of everyone, as someone would be sent to the loser bracket early. Alliance came out strong and peppered run after run, sending Sin City on a tough road through the loser bracket. Another tough match-up set was DEA and Elite Fire. A very good Elite Fire team was able to pull a win against DEA to send them too to the loser bracket. As things progressed, Alliance and LA Lawmen pressed on to be the undefeated teams for the final day. After a tough win, Alliance sent BattleBorn to the loser bracket and LA Lawmen sent Elite Fire there as well. Mean while in the loser bracket, AZ Big Dawgs, BP Rage, Oxnard PD and Federales were all sent home early on Friday.

Stage was set for the predicted teams on Saturday. Sin City vs Elite Fire, BattleBorn vs DEA and the undefeated game of Alliance vs a impressive LA Lawmen team. Sin City had an good showing against a solid Elite Fire team and was able to send them packing. But Sin City would be no match for a very good and consistent BattleBorn team. BattleBorn slammed the door on DEA and stopped the momentum of Sin City sending two good teams home. Alliance was able to take the undefeated game from LA Lawmen as they redeemed themselves from their bracket loss. Unfortunately for LA Lawmen, they ran into BattleBorn who was on fire and were taken out of the tournament. LA Lawmen had a very respectable showing in the games, leading themselves to the Bronze medal. As for the finale, BattleBorn wasn't able to sweep the rug out from SoCal Alliance. Alliance played great ball and brought home the Gold to continue their historic season.

SoCal Alliance - Gold
BattleBorn - Silver
LA Lawmen - Bronze
Sin City Aces - 4th
DEA - 5T
Elite Fire - 5T
BP Rage - 7T
Federales - 7T
AZ Big Dawgs - 9T
Oxnard PD - 9T

We have some limited information on the B-Flight. BP Rip Crew won the B flight . They went 0-3 the first day and lost the first game on Friday but came all the way through the losers bracket to double dip the Sucios to win it. The Hookers won 3rd place.


October 8-11, 2020
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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