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2018 National Ranking
2018 Regional Ranking [East]
2018 Report:
Overlooked in rankings this year, most likely because they only played locally the past few years. But they are back and their current rank is not indicative of their talent.

2013 Report:
Strong argument could be made to have them as high as 3rd. They looked awesome in Vegas and sent the highly favored Sin City into the loser bracket early. They had a chance to do some real damage but couldn't maintain the positive momentum. Very solid year for this team that traveled quite a bit and positively represented the East Conference at numerous events this year. 3. So. Florida - Have a top player in Tindell, top pitcher in Black, and added lights out defensive SS - solid core. 4. SFL – Since D2E split haven’t been the same, inconsistent and lack of team chemistry is obvious however talent is still there but need to look to get younger. 7 So Fla. A pretty good year with faux tournament win in Orlando, but very average the rest of the year for their talent. Finished TIED for 9th at the WS which was a GOOD showing but had some missed opportunities. They have a quality Manager in Mike Kletsky but it is unfortunate he has to deal with several selfish non loyal players. Give them their pink slips before they find new suckers.

2012 Report:
5. SF, loaded up with talent but that’s been the case for years, still a scary team when they’re dialed in. XXX 7. So. Florida - solid team, lost some talent but usually play well anyway XXX 6. S.Florida XXX 10. South Florida XXX 4. SOFla - probably the best true team in Florida XXX 6. SFL- Orlando Champs baby!!! XXX 8.S.Fla.,T3 V.Beach,T9 W.S XXX 5. South Florida – solid all year and finished respectably at the WS. Will they be a Gold team next year when the Georgia guys start their own team? Who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer? XXX 5. SFL XXX 6. South Florida

2011 Report:
9. South Florida – So much potential wasn’t nearly equaled in results. What was the problem – who knows but never really in the money all year. They hit rock bottom in the WS finishing 17th so they must drop significantly. 1 (real) tournament win in 2 years just doesn’t add up to the talent. 3.S. Florida: Very good year. Loaded with talent. Bad results at the WS dropped them a bit. I still think they can beat anybody at anytime. 9th-South Florida- Probably most talented team in the East.4. So. Fla.- Very talented, have problem when out of homer runs. 6. South Florida- Had them at #1 at the beginning of the season but they slip due to in-fighting on team. Back to the same South Florida team that can't win when it counts. 3. - SoFlorida - Won two tournaments early in season. can hang with anyone and boast the best infield on the East Coast.They should not be in the top 5. They had a solid year but no way they crack the top 5 after the way the season peetered out on them.5. South Florida- loaded with talent and a great team

2010 Report:
They had their best year ever as they won some big tourneys and played well in others. Their 4th place World Series finish was impressive considering the level of competition. They have a strong argument for a #2 placing as over the course of the year they did outperform NYPD Blues. "A consistent break out year for these guys. Can they keep up this standard next year minus the 5 great players who were overlooked in the end? Will the be one year wonders or a consistent elite team?"

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October 11-14, 2018
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams) Western Regional Championship
June 29 & 30, 2018
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
National Police Softball Championship
Host: Chris POPPY Warner
July 7-8, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Thin Blue Line Tournament
Host: Thin Blue Line
Sept 22 & 23, 2018
State College, PA.
New York Hounds Tournament
Host: Jimmy Wolters
July 27-28, 2018
Long Island, NY.
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