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2018 National Ranking
2018 Regional Ranking [West]
2018 Report:
They need to accept the fact they are GOOD and don't try to convince others they are not. They are young, talented and can beat anyone on any given day. DNP DEA, 3rd CenCal, 9th Sparks. This team plays every weekend. Literally. But they live on the long ball and need to work on not hitting middle all the time.

2017 Report:
Outstanding overall season which included a trip to San Antonio. They gave the eventual world champs Mid Atlantic everything they could handle in the Lone Star shootout. They were very competitive but did not register too many wins in Vegas. Rather than kick the can, they went on a strong recruiting campaign and have already inked several NorCal young superstars. They are now the team they used to fear....and are already being called NorCal's "Most Hated." (In a loving way of course).

2016 Report:
8) Stanislaus - 2nd WCC (Gold), 2nd WC United Sparks . Stanislaus the double dip must have stung but they will bounce back. One of the most consistent Gold teams in West. 3rd World Series Mid-Majors. One of the favorites coming into the World Series, the Stanislaus team did not disappoint with their showing. Always in the conversation with being considered a Majors team.

2014 Report:
Ps.Com Comments: No team exemplifies the term "bubble team" more than Stanislaus. Every year they beat Majors teams at tournaments throughout the state, but they don't seem to ever win a tournament at the Majors level. Although they fielded a competitive team in Vegas they were still 0-2 in the playoffs. But when we place them in Gold we get complaints that they are a Majors team who is consistently Top 5 in Gold so they should bump up. In order to make our lives easier we would like them to either get better or worse. OK kidding on that, but they truly are a very good...not great...better than most team that can certainly hold their own in Majors but are probably more constructed for Gold. Whether they liked it or not, they played in the Majors division at WS. Battled Alliance the entire elimination game. Although record didnít show, they did prove they belong with the big boys.

2013 Report:
Monster year for Stanislaus that was capped with finishing 4th in the WS Gold Division. They were the highest finishing WC team and were probably the WC only shot at having a legit shot at taking down OH5O or Chicago. They are headed to the Majors Division next year for sure! This team beat some major teams this season. They had a great showing at the World Series and if they can find one or two players, they could play in the majors division next season.

2012 Report:
We hate dropping these guys but after the World Series we have to. They were in the discussion alongside the War Pigs as offering the WC the best chance to bring home the Gold Division championship. Instead, they narrowly defeated the newbies Utah Unified in round robin and faced a tough playoff draw to start. They were "thisclose" some tight playoff games but the end result was a disappointing T13. Overall a solid season and if they keep the core together we can't imagine them being outside Top 15 in 2013.

2011 Report:
7 points, 3rd place World Series Gold Division.

2010 Report:
Looked great in Tahoe. Not sure what happened in the World Series. They are good no doubt about that, but they can't go cold when the heat is on. They need to step up under the pressure more consistently if they expect to be top 10 in the West.

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2017 Regional Ranking [West]
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October 11-14, 2018
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams) Western Regional Championship
June 29 & 30, 2018
West Covina, Ca.. (BLD)
National Police Softball Championship
Host: Chris POPPY Warner
July 7-8, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Thin Blue Line Tournament
Host: Thin Blue Line
Sept 22 & 23, 2018
State College, PA.
New York Hounds Tournament
Host: Jimmy Wolters
July 27-28, 2018
Long Island, NY.
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