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By: PoliceSoftball.com
Sep 04, 2014
The Minnesota Lawmen Check in for the All-Decade Team
Here is Ken Fry robbing someone of a home run during World Series play.
Our next two players on the All-Decade Team are total gamers that play the game the way it is supposed to be played. They will be frequently seen running hard, hitting the ball with authority and focused on winning. They are emotional players that seem to will their team to success.
The first player we are speaking of is Bobby Lambert of the Minnesota Lawmen. PS.com views Bobby as the face of the Minnesota Lawmen and like a five year old childs face, it is frequently dirty. Not a game will go by that you do not see Bobby covered in grass stains and dirt due to sliding, diving and rolling all over the field. We felt going to the turf fields of Vegas would keep Bobby clean but somehow he has still figured out a way to get dirty. Although Bobby is an excellent softball player, we are certain he would be just as comfortable on the gridiron based on his style of play.

The other player is Ken Fry. Like most of Minnesota’s players, Ken is built like a middle linebacker and he plays the game with the heart of a lion. For a muscular man, he can play a variety of positions in the field and play them well. At the plate, he is a power hitter who can laser balls into the gaps and off the walls. Like Bobby, he gives you a sense of confidence whenever the spotlight hits him.

Over the last ten years, both of these players have helped drive Minnesota to be one of the top teams in police softball. We have not checked policefootball.com lately, but if we do, we are certain to see them on their All-Decade Team also.

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