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By: John Koster
Jun 28, 2015
SoCal Alliance and El Dorado Cartel are the winners
WC United Sparks Tournament Recap
Gold Division Champions, El Dorado Cartel
On June 19th and 20th 2015, 13 teams came together at arguably the best softball park on the West Coast, Golden Eagle Complex in Sparks, Nevada. The round robin play separated the teams into “A” and “B” Flight 2 game elimination brackets. The big surprise was the SF Seals who pushed their way into the “A” Flight with solid hitting, defense and toughness.
After the tournament’s first day of action, players, families and friends joined together at Gilley’s Bar and Restaurant at the J.A. Nugget Resort in Sparks. The Nugget supplied WC United’s 2nd Annual tourney with great room rates and our own VIP section inside Gilley’s. Attendees toasted to comradery, sportsmanship and friendship long into the evening.

The second day of the tournament showed the true grit of the home team, El Dorado Cartel. They pushed through the bracket into the championship game after fighting off the tough new-look Oakland Police team. Their showdown with the crafty veteran Sac Razorback team was back and forth for 7 innings. When the dust settled, Cartel showed that the Sierras still belong to Steve Casper and his boys in green.

The “A” Flight showcased the up and coming CenCal Connection against the revamped WC United. After a slow start, WC United threatened to pass Connection in the 7th inning and slide into the championship game. Connection once again proved that are one of the best teams in the West by flashing the glovework when it absolutely counted and shut down United late in the contest for the win.

The championship game was a great battle between the reigning champion SoCal Alliance and the new beasts on the scene, CenCal Connection. It was a high scoring affair that showed that neither team was going down without a fight. In the end, veteran Chad Bankston got a walk-off base hit to solidify Alliances place on top of the West.

“A” Flight
1) SoCal Alliance
2) CenCal Connection
3) WC United
4) Stanislaus
5) Cali-Force
6) SF Seals

“B” Flight
1) ElDo Cartel
2) Sac Razorbacks
3) Oakland PD
4) Most Wanted
5) Cal Degenerates (Tied)
5) NorCal Elite (Tied)
5) S.B. Combo (Tied)

Eric Harryman (SoCal Alliance)
Sam Rose (ElDo Cartel)
Danny Rutledge (CenCal)
Pat Vlasik (Razorbacks)

All Tourney
Ryan Coe (SoCal Alliance)
Chris Ullibari (SoCal Alliance)
David Braun (SoCal Alliance)
Buddy Lundy (SoCal Alliance)
Brad Hackworth (CenCal)
Quinn McGinnis (CenCal)
Charles Morelock (CenCal)
Chris Enriquez (CenCal)
Brian Prehoda (Razorbacks)
Chris Johnson (Razorbacks)
James Spurgeon (Razorbacks)
Mike Roberts (Cartel)
Joe Johnson (Cartel)
Tony Miller (Cartel)


October 8-11, 2020
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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