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By: Dennis Leonard (#612) 3N2/D2E
Apr 16, 2014
West Palm Beach Tournament Recap
2 Tourneys, 2 Championships 3N2/D2E Lawmen!
The 2014 West Palm Beach Baconball tournament was the second East Coast tournament this year and was again hosted by John Scollo and Jack the Baconball dude. As usual host John Scollo rolled out the red carpet with another wild Rocco’s Tacos party on Friday night which was very festive and provided plenty of West Palm Beach “eye-candy”.
This year’s tournament had 12 teams with (9) PS.Com ranked teams and 3 local teams to help fill in the brackets. Many thanks to the local teams for participating in this annual tournament. The tournament was loaded with top notch east coast teams to include the number 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 20, 22 and 25th ranked teams.

The round robin brackets began early Saturday morning with sunny skies and 78 degrees. The first bracket consisted of the Shamrocks, Florida Enforcers and Montgomery County with the powerful Shamrocks coming out on top. The second bracket had NYPD Blues, Miami Metro Dawgs and the up and coming North Florida Showdown. As expected the NYPD Blues came out on top but had a very competitive battle with the North Florida Lawmen. The third bracket included the 3N2/D2E Lawmen, Suffolk County and the Missouri Lawmen where all the games were very close and ultimately the 3N2/D2E Lawmen were the bracket winners.

After the bracket games Jack provided some well-earned lunch for all to enjoy along with tons of warm sunshine for the northerners.

Moving on to the double elimination games and where the real battles were to begin there were 4 play in games to get things started. After those games the overall #1 seed Shamrock Lawmen bested the very under-rated Miami Dawgs, Missouri Lawmen beat North Florida Showdown in another close game, NYPD Blues beat the Montgomery County Lawmen and 3N2/D2E dispatched the under-rated Florida Enforcers.

Fast forward to Sunday and another sunny Florida day where the semi-finals of the winners bracket pitted the Shamrock Lawmen against the new guys on the block Missouri Lawmen and the #2 ranked NYPD Blues vs. the #1 ranked 3N2/D2E Lawmen. The Bullies from New Jersey continued their dominant play and moved past the Missouri Lawmen. In the next game, 3N2/D2E jumped out to a quick unsurmountable lead on the Blues machine from the big apple and was now lined up against another northern powerhouse.

The “losers” bracket results are as follows: N. Florida beat the Miami Dawgs, Montgomery County beat the Florida Enforcers, Missouri sent Montgomery home and NYPD Blues had to battle against North Florida again. This game went back and forth with many lead changes as the up and comers gave NYPD all they could handle until they hit a walk off 2 run home run to win the game.

Back to the winner’s bracket final, the Shamrock Lawmen started hot and 3N2/D2E barely responded until the Shamrocks scored 20 in the 4th inning and showing 3N2/D2E to exit sign to the loser’s bracket. This set up a potential revenge game for NYPD Blues vs. 3N2/D2E. Over the past 3 years 3N2/D2E has had the number of the Blues and today was no different. 3N2/D2E scored quickly and often dispatching the Slick led Blues and saving valuable wear and tear on their thin roster.

In the championship game both teams offenses continued to score at a steady pace and the game was ultimately decided in the bottom of the 7th with 3N2/D2E shortstop Joel Bello making a game winning defensive play giving them a 1 run victory, setting up the “if” game. This time the Floridians had the hammer and were hoping that the snow bound Jersey Bullies were tiring in the Florida heat. Shamrocks started off with 3 runs and 3N2/D2E countered with 4 runs. The top of the 2nd Shamrocks got hot again and scored 13 runs now is where most teams start to question their desire along with fatigue. 3N2/D2E kept battling and cut the lead to 4. Shamrocks added another big number going up 11; 3N2/D2E kept cutting into the deficit where this continued until the bottom of the 6th inning. 3N2/D2E was chasing 3 runs and down 29-26 then proceeded to score 10 runs without any home runs left and at the end of 6 innings it was 36-29. Again 3N2/D2E made some great defensive plays and the game ended 36-29 for 3N2/D2E.

Many thanks to Rocco Mangal for his continued generosity and the Baconball Dude for the dry hamburgers but plenty of adult beverages. Most of all THANKS to John “Rocky” Scollo for his tireless work in providing a top notch tournament were many old and new brothers had a chance to hang out, eat / drink and play this silly game initially developed for girls.

Final Standings
1. 3N2/D2E Lawmen
2. Shamrock Lawmen
3. NYPD Blues
4. Missouri Lawmen
5. North Florida Showdown (tie)
6. Montgomery County (tie)
7. Miami Metro Dawgs (tie)
8. Florida Enforcers
9. Suffolk (tie)
10. Customs
11. West Palm Beach
12. The Gunners

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