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By: Shawn White
Sep 24, 2023
Dave will receive a custom plaque courtesy of Vaughan Garrett the former owner of Garrett Metal Detectors. Vaughan hand selects the winner of this award annually.
OPOC Award Winner is David Levy
This year I would like to nominate our starting outfielder, David Levy for this award. Dave has been an intricate part of our team, on and off the field. Even more so, he is a huge intricate to the community he serves, Flossmoor, Illinois.
Sep 12, 2023
2023 Season End Award Winners
There were many viable candidates for these prestigious awards, but this year the winners are.....
By: Johathon Robinson
Aug 23, 2023
The Empire Strikes Back
42nd Lawmen Classic Recap
New York Empire
This year has been a little different than the past 41 years, having an all-time low of only 9 teams. However, in the 9 teams were arguably the top teams on the east coast. After pool play Saturday Morning, 5 teams went up to the major and 4 teams went down to the Gold. Seeding for Major was as followed Mid Atlantic, The Suffolk/Nassau Combo, Ny Empire, Max Elite, and TBL. Which left the Gold as followed Maryland’s Finest, Maryland Combo, Lake County Lawmen, and Baltimore County.
By: Joe Monahan
Aug 11, 2023
Rain dampened the final results, but players still had great experiences and got in some quality games.
Show Me Classic Recap
Teams made the most out of their time on the field
The weekend began Friday night with our annual PBR Player Party at Ballpark Village across from Busch Stadium, the free beer and mixed drinks started flowing in our VIP section, before a small group of 230 players and family members left the party to walk across the street to the Cardinals/Rockies game.
Jul 24, 2023
A star-studded cast of players will be inducted this year.
Hall of Fame Class 2023 Announcement
Hall of Fame Challenge Coin
All inductees will be recognized on the field at the World Series during our opening ceremonies and issued a coveted Hall of Fame Challenge Coin.
By: James Rogers
Jul 24, 2023
New York Tourney Is A Must Attend
New York Empire State Classic
Nassau Blues Defend Their Home Turf
The Tournament kicked off Friday, July 7th, with a classic NYPD Ceremony. At 0930 we had a Department Chaplin say a prayer followed by the National Anthem and a flyover to commence the 1st Annual Empire State Classic.
By: Justin Camper
Jun 26, 2023
The 52nd annual National Police Championship changed venues in 2023 by relocating to the Union County Sports Complex in Marysville, Ohio. The complex’s staff were extremely welcoming and excited to have the police softball teams for the weekend.
Thin Blue Line Claims the 52nd Annual NPSC
Thin Blue Line Proves Why They Are Elite
Thin Blue Line wins the Majors Division, Great Lakes prevails in Gold.
Jun 08, 2023
LAPD Blue wins Majors. DEA Combo claims Mids. Utah Metro repeats in Gold. WC Lawmen strike Silver.
LAPD Blue & Utah Metro Shine in WCC
In 2008 in partnership with Brett Helmer & Easton Sports hosted the first annual Bring Your Real Skills PROVIDED BAT tournament in West Covina, Ca. It was the first major police tournament that used provided bats and since making that leap into provided bats, we have not looked back. Provided bats have been very popular because there are no raised eyebrows or whispers of players using altered equipment. The event was later re-named the West Conference Championship/WCC and the venue has bounced around SoCal a bit before finally landing in San Diego where games are played at the Sportsplex with sister locations in Poway and Santee.
By: Jonathon Robinson
May 17, 2023
Introducing the New York Empire
1st Annual Blue Crab Tourney Champions
The Tournament kicked off Friday morning with pool play starting at 0800 hours. Friday we were blessed with a beautiful 80-degree day and a nice breeze coming off the bay. Saturday not looking too good on the weather side of things had all teams moving to get as much ball in as possible on Friday.
By: Brandon West
May 02, 2023
This year’s tournament, 15 teams, was played on Friday and Saturday at Pierson Park in Wellington, Florida. Rocco’s host party was great as usual on Thursday night, he continues to be a great support for our profession as well as Kyle and his mother. Love you brother.
Elite 8 / John Scollo Memorial 2023
The opening ceremonies on Friday were well represented by county and city officials who are so accommodating and gracious with helping us with this event. The Major and Gold teams were pre-determined so it allowed teams to play everyone and even hit 12 without the risk of dropping down.
By: Johnny Sanzo
Apr 05, 2023
Full results of the Brian Aselton Memorial Tournament held in Tampa, Florida.
KY. Blue Opens EC Season with Championship
Kentucky Blue crowned tourney CHAMPIONS
We kicked off the East Coast with the long running Brian Aselton Memorial Tournament in sunny Tampa Florida. This year we had a strong field of 18 teams ready to play in the heat of Florida. Thursday and Friday we played a highly competitive but friendly over 40's masters and over 50 Division which was run by Jimmy Wolters. It went really well with a lot of positive feedback on it and hope to continue bringing back the master's division in the future. It was great to see the older guys get out on the field and compete. Lets try and keep that going.
By: Tyson Becker
Mar 21, 2023
The DEA Kickoff starts off the Police Softball Circuit on the West Coast. This year, it is a part of the “ELITE 8”, meaning the winner of the Major Division would receive an automatic bid into the Elite 8 come the World Series. The 2022 World Series Champion, The Connection, has already secured a spot. Meaning if they win the DEA Kickoff, there would be an at large bid, for a team, prior to the World Series.
The first of the 2023 season Elite 8 tournaments is in the books!
Jan 31, 2023
If the 2023 Police Softball World Series were to be played today, the “Elite 8” would be predetermined Majors division competitors and the remaining top ranked 32 teams would have to win their way in via the round robin. Carrying the Elite 8 title is certainly a status to be proud of, but it also puts those teams in the gunsights of opponents. It also puts them under the microscope of our crackerjack PS.COM advanced scouting team. This article was will give an overview of how the Elite 8 beat you, but more importantly, how you can beat them. The following is a brief overview of those traits (and insider tips) of the “Elite 8” along with a bonus team, DEA Combo which is actually ranked higher than Colorado’s Angel Armor, but AA already secured their Elite 8 status by winning the Mid Majors Division last season.
A Sneak Peak Into The ELITE 8
How they beat you. And how YOU can beat them...
Oct 17, 2022
The Connection earns the Majors World Championship. Angel Armor Colorado wins Mid-Majors, Center Mass strikes Gold and Norsemen claim Silver. Goliath Slays David in the All-Star Game. Home Run King Marieo Foster is crowned.
World Series XVII
The Connection World Champions
World Series XVII was once again held at the Big League Dreams facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. 66 teams representing over 30 states participated in the 4-day event, and overall it was a huge success.
Sep 17, 2022
2022 OPOC Winner has been hand selected from Vaughan Garrett representing Garrett Metal Detectors.
Brad Johnson Named Outstanding Police Officer of the Community
Brad Johnson - Police Officer of the Community
There were several great nominees this year but ultimately, Vaughan went with Brad due to his contributions to others individually and to teams. Brad will be presented with a plaque courtesy of Garrett Metal Detectors during our opening ceremony.
By: Jeff Blair
Aug 31, 2022
There were many deserving candidates, but these gentlemen exemplified greatness that set themselves apart from others.
2022 Season Award Winners
Defensive Player of the Year 2022 Andrew Fenwick - Maryland Outlaws is pleased to announce the winners of our prestigious end of season awards. The winners will be recognized on the field during our opening ceremony at World Series XVII in Las Vegas, Nevada.
By: Jeff Blair
Aug 28, 2022
The Hall of Fame was created in 2006, please check the Hall of Fame tab to see all of the previously inducted members.
2022 Police Softball Hall of Fame
All inductees will be recognized on the field at the World Series during our opening ceremonies and issued a coveted Hall of Fame Challenge Coin. Special thanks go out to our Hall of Fame Committee Chairs, Dennis Leonard and Tyson Becker for organizing the voting committees.
Oct 22, 2021
Add these names to the Champion Wall: LAPD Blue-Majors, Stanislaus-Mids, South Florida Lawmen-Gold, Northwest Shakedown-Silver
''Don't Call it a Comeback'' WSXVI Recap
LAPD Blue Defends the Heavyweight Belt
“Don’t call it a comeback. We’ve been here for years.” After losing the 2020 season due to COVID, things felt normal again in Las Vegas for Police Softball World Series XVI. The event sold out with 32 teams competing in Uppers (Majors & Mids) and 38 teams in Lowers (Gold). We scheduled for a 40 team Gold division but we had 2 late drops. In total we had a total of 70 teams from over 30 states competing over the four-days.
Oct 5-8, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
18th Annual Police Softball World Series
Keepers of the Peace National Police Softball Championship
Host: San Antonio Lawmen
Sept 8-9, 2023
Waxahachie, Texas
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