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Sep 27, 2017
20 FOR 20 - Meet Corey Rogerson of Mid-Atlantic
We at PS wanted to take a cue from ESPN. No, we are not going to hammer politically slanted agendas into your living room while you are sitting on the couch eating your Wheaties, but we are going to put the spotlight on players and incidents from our past and humanize the people in our game. Every player on the field, whether we love them or have a little bit of competitive disdain for them, will risk their life for you, and that is something special that very few sports can say. We thought starting off this series with 2017 East Conference Player of the Year Corey Rogerson would be a great way to kick this off. Corey comes into the World Series on the #1 ranked team in the East Conference and we cannot wait to see what they can do with the microscope on them. So here is 20 questions from one of our fav players to watch. We hope this gives you some insight into one of the best players in our game. (Our comments are in parenthesis at the end of each answer)
Corey Rogerson

Mid Atlantic/Lockdown Lawmen/CA Gear/Miken/Worth (When you are as good as Mid Atl. you have to have a lot of hyphenated names)

CF/P/MI and most recently 2nd (Damn, he has added another position to his resume)

Have a few that ppl call me.. Buckshot (after my dad), CoRo and my west coast boys call me "pcori" (gotta ask them) lol

Your number and why you picked it?
00... my heroes in life (my papa and my dad) wore the number and I carry it on. RIP Papa. (Wow....that is cool. Much respect)

Something about you your teammates do not know?
That I'm probably the most nervous person on my team the night before a tournament, the seconds right before a game and right before I step in the batters box... I just try and not let it show. (He hides it well. We would have never guessed)

What do you enjoy most about being a LEO and least?
Making a difference in my hometown... I'm fortunate enough to work in the town that I was born and raised in so it's almost personal for me to make positive changes in my community.
The least is probably the hatred between different races and social classes that I see on a daily basis. Wish I had the cure. (Sadly, people do not realize what our profession is all about)

What team do you want to play most at the WS and why?
Battleborn... haha it's been hyped all year and I would love the head to head meeting to have our shot at being the top dawg. (If the championship game comes down to this match up, the PS hype machine will be in full power mode. We will say predicting the last two teams is very difficult and we have failed many times)

What team gives your team the most problems and why?
West coast has always been DEA Combo. I don't think we have ever beaten them lol
East Coast is Shamrocks... it's a great rivalry we have going and seems we always come down to a 7th inning game (PS sees the DEA a lot. How to beat them is simple. Don't hit the ball to Mort and score more runs than they do)

Besides you, best player in police softball who is not a teammate?
When I think best player I think all around hitting, power and defense so
West Coast I'll go with Eric Harryman, lockdown D and hitting.
East Coast I'll go with Daniel Thomas "Duke", he is a game changer on the mound and always seems to square the ball up hard (Great choices)

Who has the best power hitter in PS besides a teammate?
So many could take this title..
West coast George Reyes , Rob Mason and Luis Velazquez
East Coast Dave Masi, Matt Tindell and Double D
My team Big man Tyler Clawson
(Murderers row right there)

Besides your team, the best team in police softball right now?
Battleborn has proven it all year. (Hard to bet against BB this year. The PS West Conference version of the Golden State Warriors)

What do you enjoy doing the most in Vegas? Favorite spot?
I love spending time with my teammates and my west coast boys I don't see nearly as often as I would like... meeting new friends and brothers... I enjoy the casino even though my wallet doesn't. My favorite spot has to be the show field at BLD... without question (We love Fenway, with a big game going on, the music bumping, and announcer Mike O'Neil giving us his best Vin Scully)

What PS player does your game resemble the most?
Wow idk... I'll let decide this one... now I'm curious??? (We at PS will accept his challenge. We thought long and hard about this and we believe former World Series Champion Buddy Lundy of BattleBorn is a mirror for Corey. They are both gifted athletes who seem to play with a natural ease. Both are great outfielders and both are able to effortlessly hammer that right center gap with a swing that is sweet to watch.)

Besides your own, what PS coach would you like to play for and why?
I feel like none compare to Big T, (Terry Dugan) I've truly been blessed! But I would have enjoyed playing for Rick Tirelli... always had tons of respect for him, he knows the game and is a proven legend coach. (Both are amazing for our sport. We hope people realize what they have done to make our sport better)

What makes your team unique?
We're young, raw and only getting better. Have a great mix of veterans and young guys... but our teammate bond is something I've never been a part of before... on and off the field the bond is top notch and that makes our game play that much better (We are excited to see this team in action)

Best glove in police softball that is not on your team?
Kevin Mort (Kmort) his hands on the infield all crazy good (See how to beat the DEA above)

Any superstitious rituals?
Not really... gotta have my eye black on... and gotta spray sticky on my bat handle before batting if they count

Your best moment in police softball?
Way too many great times... watching the wounded warriors game was awesome... being named on the Future All Star team was pretty awesome.... hearing bag pipes played in honor of our fallen brothers has to be #1 though... chill bumps every time (It means more to us every year)

Game on the line, do you want to make the game winning play or the game winning hit?
Making a diving play in the gap to win a World Series would be awesome but I'd probably rather have a game winning hit to win the World Series... I feel like that's kinda something you always dream of doing as a kid and I feel like it's harder to make the game winning hit than game winning defensive play (If the title is on the line, just know PS will be video taping your at bat for pressure kid)


October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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