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By: Scott Hall
Sep 02, 2018
The ''Lawmen Classic'', hosted by the Anne Arundel County Police Department's FOP Lodge 70, was played August 18th and 19th at the Bachman Sports Complex.
37th Annual Lawmen Classic Tournament Results
Mid-Atlantic Lawmen, Winners of the 37th Annual Lawmen Classic
This year 14 teams from the east coast came to play for bragging rights as the 37th Lawmen Classic Champions. This year's tournament saw some of the best teams the east coast has to offer.
Seven of the top 15 teams on the east coast according to the latest Police Softball rankings, made the trip to Maryland, including the Police Softball Major Division Champions: the Mid-Atlantic Lawmen as well as, perinatal powerhouse Shamrock Enforcers, New York Hounds, Suffolk County Lawmen, Thin Blue Line, Maryland Outlaws, Steel City Enforcers and Metro Detroit Finest. The field was rounded out with several teams that always show up to support the Lawmen Classic including; Baltimore County PD, Lake County Lawmen, Jersey Shore Lawmen and Howard County PD. We also had two new teams, Central PA Enforcers and Maryland State Police barrack team.

The weekend started with a hospitality room on Friday night with the McBee Family. The games got started early Saturday morning with some of the tournament's high caliber teams playing each other. Although this could have thrown a wreck in each division (Gold and Silver), brackets played out how most people on the circuit would have predicted. The top eight teams went to the gold bracket and the bottom six went to the silver bracket. The winners of the four brackets were Shamrock Enforcers, Suffolk County Lawmen, Mid-Atlantic Lawmen and Maryland Outlaws.

The Gold Division playoff games got started late in the afternoon on Saturday. The Shamrock Enforcers faced off with the Central PA Enforcers and the Maryland Outlaws would play the Thin Blue Line. The Maryland Outlaws and the Shamrock Enforcers would play each other with a chance to move on to the winner's bracket final. The Maryland Outlaws upset the number one seed Shamrocks Enforcers.

The second half of the bracket pitted the Mid-Atlantic Lawmen against the New York Hounds and the Suffolk County Lawmen against Baltimore County PD. Mid-Atlantic Lawmen and the Suffolk County Lawmen were victorious and would play each other for a spot in the winner's bracket final against the Maryland Outlaws.

On Sunday morning all the teams with one loss would battle each other with a chance to play either the Maryland Outlaws or the Mid-Atlantic Lawmen. Although Mid-Atlantic was missing a few of their key players from last year's championship team, manager Terry Dugan found some great new talent to fill some spots. Mid-Atlantic would move on to the king's seat and wait for the rest of the teams to beat up on each other. The Shamrock Enforcers caught fire on Sunday and showed why they are always ranked amongst the top teams on the east coast. After sending home several of the remaining teams, the Shamrock Enforcers moved to play the Mid-Atlantic Lawmen.

The Championship game went back and forth all game as many expected. The game was such that the winner was probably going to be whoever the home team was. The Shamrocks carried a small lead to the seventh inning; however, Mid-Atlantic was the home team. Mid-Atlantic showed why they are the 2017 Police Softball Champions and will remain so until someone shows they can beat them in October. Tyler Clawson came up with runners on base and a chance to win the game in the bottom of the seventh. Tyler hit a walk-off homerun to make Mid-Atlantic the 2018 Lawmen Classic Champion's for a second year in a row.

The following is how the Gold Division ended up:
     Mid-Atlantic Lawmen
     Shamrock Enforcers
     Maryland Outlaws
     NY Hounds
     Suffolk County Lawmen
     Baltimore County PD
     Central PA Enforcers

The All-Tournament selections are
- Mid-Atlantic Lawmen:
     TJ Daneker, Tyler Clawson, Chris Lewellyn, Kevin Light, Daren Bumgarner

- Shamrock Enforcers:
     Bruce Monro, Warren Rivell, Jordan Marsch, Neal Picello

- Maryland Outlaws:
     John Robinson, Ryan Harris, Tom Thayer

The Silver Division pitted two of the Lawmen's Classic favorite teams against each other in the Championship game. The Steel City Enforcers and Jersey Shore Lawmen battled back and forth with one another. The Steel City Enforcers were able to outlast the push from the Jersey Shore team.

- Steel City Enforcers:
     Eric Fisher, Juan Feliz, Jason Stanley, Chris Miller

Thank you to all the teams that attended this year's tournament including the three new teams (Central PA Enforcers, Metro Detroit Finest and Maryland State Police barrack team). The Central PA Enforcers are a legit team and we look forward to seeing them start to attend some more tournaments on the Police Softball circuit. For those teams who could not attend this year, we would love to have you next year. The tournament always hosts some of the best teams on the east coast and we try to get everyone a lot of ball through the weekend. Thanks to the McBee family for all the work they do through the tournament.

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Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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