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By: Johnny Sanzo
Feb 26, 2014
Results & Commentary From Johnny Sanzo
Brian Aselton Memorial Tournament
The Champs, 3N2/D2E Lawmen!
We kicked off our Tournament season on the East Coast with a long running Memorial Tournament in Kissimmee Florida at the Osceola Softball Complex. Great time with Great friends makes this event priceless to me.
First of all, let me thank all 11 teams that showed up, even though itís been 15 years since the tragic events which led to Brian's death in the line of duty, it still feels like yesterday to me. To give me the opportunity to keep Brian's name alive and out there after all of these years, telling his story and keeping his memory alive showing that nobody is forgotten or left behind is what it is all about to me. Thank you to every single individual that came out to this Tournament along with the Softball complex who has always welcomed this event with open arms.

The event kicked off with an incredible party at Rocco Taco's and a special thanks goes out to both Johnny Scollo and Dennis Leonard and Rocco who allowed me the honor and privilege to be able to coincide this tournament with a fund raiser for the family of Deputy Scott Pine. To be able to help a current Law Enforcement family in need is something that I will never forget.

As for the Softball, the fields were immaculate, the balls were flying and the muscles were being torn in this early season Tournament. I am going to start out with something a little different by giving a shout out to the bottom 4 teams, because its easy to put a team together and come out to a tournament knowing that you have a chance to be in the top 5 with a chance to win but so hard to come in just for the true spirit of the event. These are the teams that are the bread and butter of the tournament, the teams that round off the brackets making this tournament happen for all the other teams. I just wish I could do more for you guys.

The Charlotte County Lawmen "Brad", CBP Guardians "Jack", Lake County Sheriffs "Robbie" and Thin Blue Line "Crazy Vic", cant thank you enough, everybody loved you guys and I would have you guys back next year in a heartbeat. You convey the true meaning of Police Softball and was a real pleasure having you guys participate. Robbie, Shuu and the Jersey Boys, thanks for helping out with the party in the parking lot.

The next three teams were all class acts and it starts off with their Team representative. Stamford Ct."Kris", Team Louisiana,"Jody" and Mid Atlantic Demarini, "Terry".

My Stamford boyz, always come down and make the best of the weekend and I mean BEST, while putting out a competitive team. Now that takes true talent. Your always the first one to commit and I always look forward to having some fun with you guys.

Team Louisiana, Jody White wanted me to make a personal shout out to JB letting the Police Softball World know that there ready to spring onto the circuit, and what a great new team to come in and represent. Not only filled with talent and will compete but also "gets it" and understands what these events are truly about. Making that 10 hour drive and picking up a couple guys from Texas after losing five players last minute just to represent is priceless. It was a pleasure meeting them and wish them all the luck in their future on the Police Circuit. JB, I think you already knew that after meeting them in Vegas.

Then there is Terry Duggan and the Mid Atlantic Lawmen, what can I say, Terry a true ambassador always puts together a highly competitive team. I go way back with Terry ever since the days in the early 90's where he allowed me to bring a blender into his hospitality room to mix drinks, to being able to play with him up in Freddy's Tournament. He is a kind and generous soul and I always look forward to seeing him and tipping a beer with him. Terry, I will follow you anywhere, Bro.

Now the Top Four, The Cream of the Crop, The Florida Connection....Florida Enforcers "Steve" , Miami Metro Dawgs,"Nelson", North Florida Showdown,"Scott" and the 3n2 DTE Lawmen, "Mike and Dennis"

4th Place...Florida Enforcers, was the up and coming team last year, not anymore, they arrived. Bear, you put a talented product out there along with a great attitude. Im looking forward to seeing how you do this year on the circuit its always a lot of fun with you guys.

3rd Place..Miami Metro Dawgs, always competitive at the Aselton, if this team could find a way to travel, people would talk a great team with a great attitude. I always look forward to having you guys each year. Thanks for being there Nelson.

2nd Place..North Florida Showdown, another Florida powerhouse, They had a great tournament and could have easily been on top but unfortunately it seemed that DTE had their number. Always a staple at this tournament with a super competitive team and great attitudes. Good luck Scott this year.

1st Place 3n2 DTE Lawmen, Much anticipated team this year who didn't disappoint despite the pressure of having too. Which goes way back to the old Miami Metro Red days when this scrappy little team used to come in have fun and win the Aselton launching themselves on the Law Enforcement scene. Mike , Johnny , Dennis, I always look forward to having you guys at the tournament. You definitely have a great team and will make some noise this year, but most of all your guys understand what these tournaments are about and represent which is something that means a lot to me. Always great to see you guys here. Good Luck and Thank You...

Stay Safe All
JohnnyS. thanks Johnny for submitting this article and photograph of the winning team. Contributions like keep the website fresh and are much appreciated!

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