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Sep 23, 2013
Frank and Showtime are ready to do some damage at World Series IX
Frank Terronez is our West Conference Player of the Year.
Frank is shown crushing a ball at the Vegas Big League Dream facility.
The California Showtime team is relatively new to police softball having made their debut last year, but their players are veterans of the game and know how to win. This was evident at World Series VIII when this first year team shot past numerous established teams to grab a top 5 finish against the best in the nation.
Overall Showtime finished #4 in the West Conference last year and this year they are perched solidly in the #5 position with the ability to move up if they once again have a series like they did last year.

As we said, Showtime is chock full of veterans who know how to win including many former California Quake players including former West Conference Player of the Year Jeff Regino. One of these veterans leading Showtime is Frank Terronez. Frank is one of the top hitters in the game and he instantly helped Showtime have that swagger that so many top teams seem to have. Prior to Showtime, Frank came from Direct Impact. After Direct Impact folded, Frank started Showtime as a player/manager. Many players have difficulty with this role but Frank is very comfortable in it and the team responds well to him.

Frank's strength on the field is at the plate where he is a very talented hitter who can hit for both power and average. Frank never has a bad at bat and he never tries to do too much. Pitcher Ryan Coe, a former Player of the Year himself, says Frank is one of the scariest hitters he faces because of the way he combines his talent with a systematic approach at the plate. Ryan's goal is always to have the hitter hit a pitch he likes but not one he loves. With Frank, this is nearly impossible as he does not bite on bad pitches and will hit his pitch.

Although Frank's strength is at the plate, he is good enough to play shortstop for Showtime. Frank is built like a tank so he doesn't fit the typical shortstop blueprint but he has quick hands and makes every play he should. If we had to liken Frank to someone, we would choose 2012 East Conference Player of the Year, Scott Waxweiler in overall game and demeanor.

In addition to being our 2013 Player of the Year, Frank is also a company representative for Combat and he is extremely knowledgeable. If you have any questions or are looking for a bat hook up with Combat, please hit him up.

Frank joins a very illustrious group of players for this award. Only Frank and one other player on this have not won a World Series Championship. Once World Series IX is over, we will not be surprised if that number drops to one.


2006 Jeff Regino - California Quake
2007 Ryan Coe - SoCal Alliance
2008 Mark Tolliver - Hard-Cor
2009 Ron Connor - California Quake
2010 Alfonso "Zo" Trujillo - SoCal Alliance
2011 Keith Habig Sin City Combo
2012 Mike Snyder - SoCal Alliance

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