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Sep 30, 2014
GG Playing For Quake Masters Team
This years West Conference Sportsman of the Year Award goes to long time police softball veteran Guillermo "GG" Guerra. GG is a former World Series Major champion having won his first title at World Series II with the storied California Quake team.
GG is one of the nicest gentlemen you will meet in police softball as everyone who has ever played with and against him can attest to. GG cares deeply about his fellow LEOs as evidence by the fundraising he held for fallen officer/former teammate Gilbert Corky Cortez at the West Coast Conference Championship. GG approached about fundraising and we turned over the West Conference HR Derby to him and he ran with it.

GG plays for Showtime but will frequently assist teams in need of players because he loves our sport so much. As a result he has many friends in the circuit and the common theme is he is not just a good player, he is a good teammate.

Another example of GG's kindness is a recent investigation that led police two PS officers to an inmate at his facitlity. GG could not have been more helpful in ensuring the PS members were assisted and shown every courtesy.

For everything GG has done and currently does for our sport, he is our 2014 Shevy Wright Sportsman of the Year! Congratulations GG!

Next up will be our Players of the year awards.

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