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Sep 22, 2013
Matt Marksbury Named East Conference Defensive Player of the Year
Shown is Matt at the plate where he is arguably as strong hitting the ball as he is catching and throwing it.
Matt is one of the rare players where we received numerous nominations from different teams. Some of these nominations were for player of the year which is a testament to how much people value his abilities and style of play. Matt is the centerfielder for the OH5O team and although he is a great hitter who can hit for power and average, people feel he truly separates himself by his outstanding play in centerfield.
There are many outfielders who can track balls like a pro. There are many outfielders who can make the circus catches. There are many outfielders who has a legitimate canon for an arm. But rare is the outfielder who possess all of these abilities and is one of the top hitters on the team.

Justin Camper, the OH5O player/manager said Matt is the main reason OH5O has jumped 18 spots in the rankings in two short years. If one player is a big reason for that kind of push, he has to be something pretty special.

With Matt leading the way, the OH50 is currently ranked third nationally in the Gold Division and they have an excellent chance to be the last team standing when the World Series stone obelisk trophy is handed out. And if this happens, there is a very good chance that Matt will be holding the stone obelisk MVP trophy.

Well deserved Matt and congratulations from


2008 Jeff “Biscuit” Graus - Michigan Lawmen
2009 Rob Menke - Ohio Lawmen
2010 Alain Cruz - South Florida Lawmen
2011 Nat Tauber – NYPD Blues
2012 Scott Hall - Capital City Lawmen

The list above contains three players who have won World Series Championships. Will Matt make it four?

Note: A special thanks to the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff's Association for sponsoring this award.

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