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Sep 14, 2014
Three More Players Added to the All-Decade Team
The next additions to the All-Decade Team come from two powerhouse states in police softball. First is Florida where we be naming Hall of Famer Paul Cullen and Mike Ogliaruso to the team. Both Paul and Mike have been huge players for their respective teams over the last decade but they play very different games. Paul is the more fiery of the two and plays with great intensity. Mike is much more laid back (at times) and lets the game come to him more. Both players are exceptional athletes and have played sports at a high level all of their lives. Both now play for 3N2/D2E Lawmen and we expect both of these players to have a major impact on their teams success at World Series X. It takes a team effort to win the WS but we believe if these two players perform at a high level, 3N2/D2E has a great chance to win it all this year. (But no pressure gentlemen)

The third player added today hails from the great state of Ohio and he has been a fixture on one of the best teams in police softball since the beginning of His name is Brian Key and if you have watched Ohio throughout the years, you know what this guy brings to the table. Brian let know very quick who he was during WS I where he was named MVP by going 22 for 27 at the series with 7 HR 's with 5 walks and an .843 OBP. Over the next decade, Brian never looked back and continues to this day to put up big numbers for THE Ohio Lawmen all while being a true sportsman.

NOTE: For our story photo, we decided to go throwback on it and show a a young Mike Ogliaruso from his days playing in the Bluejays organization.

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