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By: Johnny Sanzo
Mar 08, 2019
Who let the HOUNDS out?  Orlando coverage.
Aselton Champs, NY HOUNDS
Wow! 2O years and feels like yesterday. Its hard not to reflect back to the beginning with those epic battles between NY Metro and Cal Quake,20 years ago and truly feel so fortunate to be able to cross paths with so many great people and make so many great friends over the years. It doesn't get any better than that and the entire time being able to honor my friend and keeping his name, Brian Aselton, alive. Words cant describe how thankful I am to each and everyone that I've come in contact with, throughout those years.
Another great weekend to kick off the 2019 Police Softball Circuit here on the East Coast in beautiful Orlando Florida. Several of the top East Coast teams came together to battle it out in the Florida heat but there were definitely no complaints from the teams coming out of the cold.

We kicked off Saturday morning with a very competitive bracket play which left the top 6 teams seeded as, Miami Dawgs, Mid Atlantic, Shamrocks, North Florida, Hounds and South Florida. Some real close games and some not so close games but everybody had their competitive spirit going making for an enjoyable day in the sun, giving teams plenty of games to get the rust out.

After lunch for the teams and their families we continued with the two separate upper and lower double elimination tournaments. The lower division , after having two teams drop in from the upper division was in the order of seeding, Metro 5-0, Metro Detroit's Finest, Center Mass, Guardians, MO-50 and Lake County. After several competitive games on Sunday, Center Mass was able to stay in the winners bracket as Metro 5-0 defeated MO-50 in the semi finals placing MO-50 as third. In the final Metro 5-0 showed a lot of guts winning the first game forcing the "if" game but in the end wasn't able to double dip Center Mass who ended up winning the lower Silver Division.

All Tournament Teams includes,
Center Mass Metro 5-0 MO-50
Tino Rentas Felo Otero Jason Ball
Tim Connett Hector Monenegro Greg Stallard
Jay Rimes Pedro Hernanez
Kevin Obrian
Jared Arnold

In the much anticipated upper division containing many East Coast powerhouses, the 6 team bracket ended up seeded as, Miami Dawgs, Mid Atlantic, Shamrocks, North Florida, Hounds and South Florida. With some great competition on Sunday and some key wins early, the Hounds were able to stay in the winners bracket giving them an advantage in the heat as the others battled through the losers bracket. After an early loss to the Hounds the Miami Dawgs came through the losers bracket winning a heated battle against North Florida placing them in the semi finals against a tough Shamrocks team. They were able to beat the Sham's giving them third place setting up the final between the NY Hounds vs Miami Dawgs. The rested Hounds were too much for the Dawgs and were able to beat them taking the Upper Division Championship once again.

Tournament MVP , NY Hounds
Rich Gili
All Tournament Team.
NY Hounds Miami Dawgs Shamrocks
Danny Lopez Hunter Grimm Keith Edgar
Nick Testinni Robert Nelson Jay Massimino
Warren Rivell Joel Capote
Nick Ostuni
Duke Settoducato

Thank you to all the teams that participated and helped support the 2019 Brian Aselton Memorial Tournament. Its an honor and privilege to be able to put on this long running event. Special thanks as always to my friend Terry Duggan and his generous donation with his prize package from Lockdown Sports and great long time friend Jimmy Wolters, I couldn't do this with out you Bro, your support and help doesn't go un-noticed. Congrads on your win.

Good luck to all in the upcoming 2019 Police Softball Season.
Stay Safe
Johnny Sanzo

October 6-9, 2022
Las Vegas, Nv. (Big League Dreams)
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